Sainz seeks redemption at the Circuit

06/01/2023 at 15:09


“It’s the perfect grand prix to reverse the situation and the team has done a brutal job to try,” says Carlos

“Rumours and excessive noise is not the ideal situation to work in,” admits the Ferrari driver

Carlos Sainz He arrives in Barcelona ‘touched’ by his result in Monaco (8th), where he had clear options for the podium, and also by a start to the season “which is certainly not what we expected at Ferrari”. The Madrid driver, who at the Circuit feels supported by his fans and especially by his CS55 animation stand, values ​​the “brutal work and against the clock” that they have done in Maranello to “try to reverse the bad situation in which we find ourselves “.

“Bad luck? I don’t think that has anything to do with it. Things happen for a reason and in the first six races everything has happened to us. The start has been tough, but we didn’t give up,” warned Carlos, who at 28 years he faces his ninth Grand Prix in Spain and the third with the colors of Ferrari.

“We are trying to move forward and correct our problems. We are not bad after one lap but the pace of the race is our weak point. I do not want to deceive anyone, the developments that we bring to Barcelona are not going to change our lives, although I do hope that they mean a step forward in the direction that we believe is the right one”, he explained.

Sainz, logically, did not want to detail the novelties that the Scuderia will introduce this weekend. “You’ll see,” he said. It is not about giving clues to rivals. And with regard to this, he has not ignored those that both Ferrari and all the leading teams were able to observe in Monaco, when the crane lifted Checo Pérez’s damaged Red Bull, exposing the floor of the RB19, one of the best-kept secrets traditionally by the teams.

“I hope that our technicians did not miss the opportunity, although in F1 it is very difficult to copy,” Sainz acknowledged. “The Circuit is the ideal place to see where we are and hence the gigantic effort that the team has made to bring improvements here, given the situation we are in, they have juggled because nobody is happy and everyone really wants to change this situation. “, he insisted.

The man from Madrid, who in Monaco was critical of Ferrari’s strategy in his two stops, has assured that “after analyzing the race with the team I have understood what they did”. He has also highlighted that the development is aimed at making the SF-23 a car “less unpredictable and difficult to drive” and has stressed that “rumors and noise are not ideal or the best environment to work and try to reverse our problems “.

“There is a long championship left, sixteen races and there is plenty of time to turn the situation around” said Sainz, hopeful. Barcelona is presented as a perfect setting to seek ‘redemption’: “Here I traditionally have a very good score and I’m sure the fans have something to do with it. They give me good vibes and energy throughout the weekend.”

Sainz dreams of a podium this Sunday, but admits that “the Red Bulls are still in another league. In any case, we don’t have to think about them but about improving our car””.

Lastly, and regarding the removal of the chicane from the stadium, Carlos explained that “it is a success, a more fun configuration, more of a driver, I am sure that we will see more spectacle. It was created to improve overtaking but as the cars have been developed , now it was almost a nuisance”.


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