Response to Mariano Lázaro Cubo

In response to the letter from Mariano Lázaro Cubo published in this medium on May 24.
More than 30 years have passed since the creation of CD Eresma. Although soccer and futsal were the sports with which it started, in the last 7 years the badminton section was created from a school attended by a few boys and girls. Since that beginning, thanks to work and effort, Segovia badminton, CD Eresma badminton, has grown until it has competed in Spanish Championships and top-level national tournaments representing our city wherever we have gone.
Several monitors and trainers and a multitude of boys and girls have passed by and, except for one case, there have never been any problems with any of them.
We defend the work of José Luis Arcones, because without him none of this would exist; and also that of Emiliano Sebastián, who was determined that the boys and girls of Segovia knew and practiced badminton and that our city was known for this sport at a national level. Something we have achieved.
We are not going to refute the lies and half-truths that were spilled in the aforementioned letter, but it should be noted that, like any sports club, association or even any family, CD Eresma has some rules. Something basic that affects above all respect for colleagues, monitors and the coach. Logically, if someone disrespects another person, be it a teammate or a coach and if this disrespect is not a one-time event and occurs for a long time, affecting more than one person, in that case, those responsible for CD Eresma must take a decision. Anyone in our situation would.

2023-06-03 03:54:02
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