Record rally in badminton: 211 strokes and 3 minutes of endurance for a memorable ‘rally’

Exhausted players, on the kneecaps, after more than three minutesyour spectacular exchange. The record for the number of strokes in badminton was broken on May 25 during a competition played in Malaysia.

Malaysians Thinaah Muralitharan et Pearly Tan and the Japanese Rena Miyaura et Ayako Sakuramoto managed a rally of 211 shots in the round of 16 doubles against the Masers of Malaysia.

A massacring performance celebrated by a crazy and enthusiastic public with each miraculous rescue. At the end of their tether, the Japanese players ended up giving in to a final Malaysian attack but consoled themselves with this record which wiped out the previous one, set at 195 shots.

2023-06-01 12:42:23
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