Reasons for the collapse of the Baskonia

Fiasco total. The elimination of Baskonia in the quarterfinals has caught everyone changed on the footstarting with the property. All year fighting with the aim of getting the field factor to give it up at the first exchange. This team He has fallen in love, with his effervescent basketball, but then he has stumbled unseemly at key moments: the Copa del Rey, the last days of the regular phase of the Euroleague and, above all, the quarterfinals of the ACB League. La Penya was superior during both games and put an end to the Baskonia dream of winning the title.

The owner of the club is Josean Querejeta. The big decisions are made together with himself. If the heat that he has now decreases, Peñarroya will continue in front of the team. But if the swelling increases, a scalpel surgical decision should not be ruled out. This is how it works in this entity and things are not going to change over the years. Also we have to see what happens with the promotion phase of Alavés soccer. In the First Division there would be more money for the business group and, therefore, ability to take certain steps. Will have to wait a couple of weeks.

The season started very well, with a game that fell in love. especially drew attention the performance of Thompson and Howard. Both have finished in the best five in the league. In addition, the first was part of the second most outstanding five of the Euroleague. Players like Marinkovic, Hommes, Giedraitis, Costello or Kotsar complemented these two phenomena well. But the second or third unit (Kurucs, Raieste, Enoch) have been losing prominence and, for example, they did not play a single second on Tuesday night at the Palau Olimpic.

Baskonia finished 2022 as the first classified in the Euroleague and co-leader in the ACB. In fact, they ended up signing huge figures to finish the regular season: for 33 days they were in the Top-8 of the continental ranking, of the 17 home games they won 14. In the domestic competition, 28 wins and 6 losses in the regular phase and seconds on the table. Only three times in his entire history had he achieved similar records in the ACB and previous denominations. So, What has happened to explain this collapse?

First of all, a devastating calendar. Many games in a short time and a team that has reached the final stretch without oxygen. Without freshness of legs and mind. Second, a clear turning point with the “Henry case”. Positive, negative, inconclusive… Nothing is known after that FIBA ​​doping control. The result of the counter-analysis should have been communicated but it has not. Pi He did good numbers at a private level although, above all, he made his teammates better during the forty minutes of the parties. Heidegger appeared but his influence on the team has been inferior.

And above all and thirdly, the team has failed miserably at key moments of the year. The final phase of the Copa del Rey and those of Peñarroya they fell at the first exchange against Joventut at the olympic He faced the final stretch of the regular phase of the Euroleague and the vitorianos could not with the Olympiacos while Zalgiris did win in Germany. And, above all, they started he playoff for the league title and the alavese fell 91-99 against Penya in the Buesa Tuesday was the final lacethe pissing, with what the balance cannot be good at all. Bitter taste to end the campaign. Gone are the good aromas of some dream games.

Darius Thompson, with an Italian passport shortly, aim for Milan or Bologna. Markus Howard, with offers, could also go on the market. People like Hommes or Heidegger are more outside than inside. The youngsters (Kurucs, Raieste or Savkov) could pack their bags. Everything is still very hot and we have to wait for the result of the consultation that Josean Querejeta is going to do with his pillow. The first thing, to know what is going to happen with Joan Peñarroya.

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