Racing fans were attacked in Brazil

The fans of Racing suffered aggressions this Thursday night in the transfer to the Maracana stadium, in Rio de Janeiro, within the framework of the match for Libertadores Cup what Flamengo defeated the Academy 2-1.

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A bus carrying sympathizers from the Avellaneda complex received shots and stonesas reported by the partisan media “Racing Maníacos” on their social networks, in which they attached photos in which they are seen injured and broken glass.

Likewise, in the videos broadcast, it was possible to observe the late action of the Rio de Janeiro policewho arrived at the place from where they attacked the Argentine bias a long time later.

The bus of the Racing team suffered an accident

The bus that was transporting the Racing team to the Maracana was involved in a chain crash in the middle of the access highway to that place with a broken windshield but without physical consequences for the passengers.

“It was an accident caused by some motorcycles that crossed the main bus and there was a chain shock. It was a lucky misfortune”assured the president of the Academy Victor Whitein dialogue with ESPN.

In this sense, he added that “there were two buses of the three that transported our people that were damaged and could not continue, so we went to the third and we were able to continue the journey.”

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