Putin’s rockets kill girls (9) in Kiev: Her grandfather sat with Viktoria for hours | politics

The photo, taken by Ukrainian journalist Sergei Okunev, makes us feel the pain of Ukrainians like no other…

It shows the body of little Viktoria Ivashko (9), wrapped in a rescue blanket. But the girl can no longer be helped. Viktoria had not made it into the bunker just a few meters away when ten Russian Iskander rockets exploded over Kiev on Thursday night. Viktoria Ivashko was killed by a piece of debris.

A few days before her death, Viktoria Ivashko had won her first judo prize

Photo: Private

Her grandfather sat on his hands and knees next to his granddaughter’s body for hours until a chair was brought to him. This is how Okunev describes it, who wrote for the news platform “ New Voice of Ukraine” is working. The man not only lost his granddaughter in the attack, but also her 33-year-old mother. Another person was killed in the attack and eleven people were injured.

Her grandfather was unable to protect Viktoria Ivashko and her mother from Putin’s rockets, but at least nothing should happen to her corpse. “He didn’t want to leave the corpses until experts came and took them away,” says Sergei Okunev. Behind him, the debris has torn a large crater in the ground.

Viktoria Ivashko's grandmother has to be supported when she sees her daughter's body.  Her grandfather can't do anything for her anymore

Viktoria Ivashko’s grandmother has to be supported when she sees her daughter’s body


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