Progress won and is the leader; Miramar beat Oriental in a key duel

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This Saturday began the eighth date of the regular phase of the Second Professional Division with two games. The highlight was Progreso’s victory against Rampla Juniors as a visitor, which allows it to continue being the only leader.

Gaucho del Pantanoso won 1-0 with a goal from their striker Valentín Adamo at the beginning of the second half. In the other game of the morning, Bella Vista defeated Potencia 1-0 and added important points thinking about permanence.

There were two other games on Saturday. Miramar Misiones defeated Oriental de La Paz 3-1 and scored five points, remaining as the only guard. Uruguay Montevideo beat Atenas de San Carlos 1-0, which is still in the background. The stage will close on Sunday with the remaining three games.


Rampla Juniors 0-1 Progress
Olympic Stadium
Goals: 50′ Valentín Adamo (P)

Power 0-1 Bella Vista
Obdulio Varela Stadium
Goals: 63′ Lautaro Vázquez (BV)

Eastern 1-3 Miramar Missions
Capurro Park
Goals: 45′ Denis Olivera (MM), 56′ Nahuel Soria (MM), 73′ Cristian Cruz (MM) and 85′ Mathías Silvera (O)

Athens 0-1 Uruguay Montevideo
Domingo Burgueño Miguel Stadium
Goals: 23′ Fabricio Santos (UM)


Youth-Albion TV
Artigas Park, 12:30 p.m.

Tacuarembó-South America
Goyenola Stadium, 3:00 p.m.

Cerrito-Rentistas TV
Palermo Park, 8:00 p.m.


progress 33
Miramar Missions 28
East of La Paz 23
youth 24
Uruguay Montevideo 23
Rentiers 22
Albion 20
Rampla Juniors 20
Hill 15
Tacuarembo 14
South America 13
Athens 11
Beautiful view 10
Power 7

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2023-06-24 20:13:00
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