Profile Draft 2023 – Gradey Dick: the perfect little blond for the killer shoot

This boy has the beautiful look of the ideal son-in-law, the one with the not disheveled blonde haircut who bought flowers for his mother-in-law before the first family meal. On top of that, he’s got a game that’s already way ahead of his 2023 classmates. Playing the game and shooting Gradey Dick might just excite a few franchises, especially those in the Top 10.


  • Age: 19, born two years to the day after the cinema release of Tanguy.
  • Position: Fullback / winger created on NBA 2K.
  • Team: Kansas Jayhawks
  • Height: 200 centimetersthe account is good.
  • Weight: 93 kglike twins Caleb and Cody Martin.
  • Wingspan: 205 centimeterslike Ja Morant without the 10cm gun.
  • Statistics 2022-23: 14.1 pts at 44.2% shooting including 40.3% from afar, 5.1 rebounds, 1.7 assists and 1.4 interceptions on average (32.7 minutes over 36 games)
  • Comparison : Gordon Hayward on the ceiling, Cameron Johnson on the floor?
  • TrashTalk forecast: 10th position


Gradey Dick was born on November 20, 2003 in Wichita, Kansas. Youngest of a family of four children, the parents have established a real sporting climate in their habitat. The father played American football and baseball in college, while his mother played basketball in the NCAA and also in Japan professionally. After starting basketball at the age of four in schools in his city, the blond chose to join the Sunrise Christian Academy in 2020. Before starting his last season in high school, the 14th rookie in the class of 2022 according to ESPN also won the gold medal at the U18 3×3 World Cup in 2021. The following year, his high school was ranked as the best basketball team. from all over the country, and thanks to his performances in the senior year, he was voted the best player in the country in 2022. A prestigious award that has rewarded NBA starslike Jayson Tatum for example.

While he was coveted by his mother’s former college, Iowa State, he stayed home for his one-and-done at the defending champion, the legendary Kansas Jayhawks. The local boy has become the icon of all students but the bad guy to beat for all those from opposing colleges. From his first game at college, GD holds 23 pawns. Calm. In the end, Kansas finished first in the regular season of one of the toughest conferences in the country, the Big 12, before losing in the Playoffs final against Texas. Finally, during the March Madness where the Jayhawks are announced as contenders to defend their title, Gradey Dick stalls a double-double in the first round, but will fall in the second by Arkansas and its iron defense. A week later on the set of NBA Today, the prospect announces that he is running for the 2023 Draft. A great platform to talk about him knowing that he makes a lot of franchises want to.


One of his biggest strengths is the fact that he doesn’t think with his last name on the pitch. On both sides of the floor, Gradey Dick shows he grew up playing basketball with his highly developed basketball IQ compared to his Draft classmates. In defense, he shows intelligence in assists and substitutions, but also in the timings to intercept balls and go and smack big tomars on the counterattack. On this same side, he facilitates the game for all those around him. In reading drives and pick-and-rolls, he is very good and allows his teammates to take shots more easily thanks to his good playmaking. GD is a real gem for the coach who will train him, he will help make his playing partners better.

But Gradey Dick’s greatest weapon is his shot. There are few players in this Draft 2023 who manage to shoot like him, and that sets him apart from other outsiders by far. Screening, dribbling or just catch-and-shooting, Dick can send in any position, and there’s a good chance it’ll end in a string. With 44.2% average shooting including 40.3% parking over the season, the boy from Kansas showed that he was a high-ranking serial shooter at not even twenty years old. During the NBA Draft Combine, he was able to show live to all the leaders of the League what he was capable of with a ball in his hand. Result: All percentages exceed 50%. A shooting freak.

Is Gradey Dick the Best Shooter in the 2023 @NBADraft ?

— (@Ballislife) May 22, 2023

However, Gradey Dick may not be 100% effective upon his arrival in the NBA. First of all, his physique is not yet ready to withstand all the impacts he may suffer against the veterans of the League. Muscular development is essential, as is explosiveness. In attack, this will allow him to drive more easily. The inside shot is still little exploited and will be important to become a real threat on three levels. Also, the handle is not efficient enough, he lacks confidence in exploiting his dribble. It doesn’t go far enough in width and length while GD has long segments that are very useful for outrunning enemies.

In defense, he still lacks mobility especially on the ball carrier. When he is away from the ball, he manages to communicate and remains active away from the ball to block any passes. But 50 centimeters from the ball, it’s dead. One step, one dribble and it’s already over, Gradey Dick has already finished and returns empty-handed in attack. And that in the NBA, it will not last long. But if he is used as a fullback in the League, his opponents will be less than those he may have met in university. This would therefore hide the misery on his defensive performance gap.

Although I do believe Gradey Dick is underrated defensively, he does have his limitations.

He lacks ideal foot speed and lateral quickness for a wing. In result he struggles to contain quick ball-handlers off the dribble. Lacks strength to defend bigs. Not very versatile…

— Global Scouting (@GlobalScouting_) May 25, 2023


Points forts :

  • outside shooting
  • QI basket
  • Playmaking

Weak points :

  • Limited physics
  • Finishing
  • Carrier defender


The blond with a gritty name but impeccable shooting will fill a big gap that a team may have encountered. At the Mavs, he could be a real outside threat when Luka Doncic drives into the racquet. If your franchise needs a talented role player who is 90% ready for the NBA, all you have to do is say his name (without laughing) on ​​Draft night in three weeks.

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