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the player of rugby Mohamed Haouas, one of the pillars of the French team for the next World Cup to be held in autumn, He was sentenced this Tuesday to a year in prison for hitting his wife in a shopping centerwhich casts doubt on his presence in that competition in the fall.

The Correctional Court of Montpellier considered him guilty of spousal violence and imposed a firm but adaptable sentence, so that he will not have to spend 12 months behind bars and on June 26 he is summoned to a hearing with the judge for the application of sentences to set the conditions.
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What happened?

Haouas, who was tried this afternoon by the immediate appearance procedure, had been detained since last Friday, the day of the attack that occurred in front of multiple witnesses and the surveillance cameras of the shopping center.

The athlete tried to justify himself during the hearing by explaining that he saw his wife and mother of his two children smoke, and that although “he has the right to smoke”, he was angry because he considered that he had deceived him, according to the story of the France Bleu Hérault radio station. .

“I told myself that if he can lie for the cigarette, he can lie for other things,” he added after pointing out that he had acted like this out of jealousy. As for the blows he gave his wife – who did not want to report it and assured that it was the first time he had treated him like this – he minimized them: a “small trip” and a “small slap”. Although from court he went back to prison, tonight he will no longer have to sleep in prison.

The player, who is 29 years old and has been proclaimed champion of France with his team, Montpellier, had already been sentenced in February 2022 to 18 months in prison exempt from compliance (he would only go to prison in case of recidivism) for some robberies in tobacconists in the city committed in 2014.

He is also awaiting the sentence on June 30 for another process that was held on May 12
in which he is charged for his involvement in a violent fight on January 1, 2014.

The prosecution He then requested for him a sentence of two years in prison exempt from compliance. The French team has not wanted to rule on whether or not Haouas is ruled out for the next World Cup to be held in France, pending the ruling on June 30.
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