Pilar and Mario, from the JUDOMA Club, rub against each other on the podium in the Spanish Kata Championship

The components of the JUDOMA Club, Pilar Lopez and Mario Alba, are in fourth position in the Spanish Kata Championship.

Last weekend the Spanish Judo Kata Championship was held, the event that brought together the best couples in the country in this discipline. Among the competitors, the couple formed by Pilar and Mario, representatives of the renowned club CDE JUDOMA from San Sebastián de los Reyes, shone.

After an arduous competition in the Madrid Championship, where they finished in second position, just 15 points behind first place, Pilar and Mario secured their well-deserved place in the Spanish Judo Kata Championship. Their outstanding performance in the qualifying phase gave them the privilege of representing the Community of Madrid in the Alevín category, within the demanding group 2 of Koshi waza.

The enthusiasm and dedication of Pilar and Mario on the mat were evident from the first moment. Demonstrating impeccable technical precision and admirable timing, they captivated both the public and the demanding judges present. His mastery of the kata movements and his ability to convey the essence of Judo left an indelible mark on the competition.

Although they did not reach the podium, they obtained a creditable fourth place, being only 3 points behind the third position. It is even more impressive considering that this year marks his debut in the Alevín category. Pilar and Mario have shown an innate talent and an indisputable potential for improvement, which augurs a promising future in the world of Judo.

Congratulations to Pilar and Mario, as well as to the entire JUDOMA Club!

2023-06-05 10:36:06
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