Parma Clima beat Draci Brno 6-2 and reached the semi-finals of the Champions Cup

Parma Clima achieved victory in their group and the consequent passage to the semi-finals of the European Champions League by defeating Draci Brno this afternoon with a score of 6 to 2 on the diamond in Amsterdam. Marcello Saccardi’s team will play the semi-final tomorrow evening at 19.30 in Amsterdam against the runners-up in the group from Bussum.

The match always remained in full control of Parma Clima who scored two runs in the first and third innings and who then relied on the pitches of the effective Fabiani (winning), Aldegheri and Bocchi (saving) to block the Czech bats . In batting, the ducals collected eight hits led by the bats of Mineo (3 for 4), Luis Gonzalez (1 for 2 plus two sacrifice flies) and Stefano Desimoni (1 for 2 plus two bases balls).


Parma Clima appeared on the field with the battery formed by Diego Fabiani and Alberto Mineo and the same diamond from the match against Amsterdam. New in the exterior line with Flisi on the left, Desimoni in the center and Astorri on the right. Giulio Monello played as a designated hitter.

For Brno, frozen yesterday afternoon by Paderborn’s four points in the last inning, the match represented the last resort to seek qualification for the semifinals. After using foreign pitchers Hurtado, Jaime, Solarte and Mergans in the first two games, coach Capka relied on the pitches of the veteran Vasourek, born in 1991. The rest of the formation followed that of the first games with the heart of the line-up formed by the mighty Angulo, Kalabek and Hajtmar.

Brno’s first attack ran out of runs with the bases full (single, error and base on) thanks to two strikeouts scored by Fabiani against Kalabek and Pernicka.

Parma Clima took the lead at the change of field. Hits by the “usual suspects” Noel Gonzalez, Luis Gonzalez and Alberto Mineo allowed the ducals to close the first second half with a 2-0 lead.

Fabiani picked up the right pace, avoided a couple of empty passes from the defense and closed the second and third innings facing only three batters. The Czech Vasourek encountered quite different difficulties who conceded another two runs in the third round.

Desimoni opened the split with a double down the first base foul line, Kalabek erred in right field to make it 3-0, and Luis Gonzalez produced the fourth run on a timely sacrifice fly.

The Czechs closed the gap in the fifth inning. Fabiani got the first two eliminations of the fraction but then cashed back-to-back doubles from Mostek and Dubovy – followed by a single from Angulo – which fixed the partial at 4 to 2.

At the change of field, the ducals put a point on the scoreboard without hitting hits. Desimoni walked him, Noel Gonzalez to second with a sacrifice, Joseph to third with a hit in fielding, and Luis Gonzalez allowed him to complete the cushion run on his second personal sacrifice fly.

Parma Clima re-established the distance in sixth place (6 to 2) thanks to a valid kick from Astorri and a long sacrifice sprint from Monello.

Fabiani’s game lasted six rounds (92 launches, 2 pgl, 5 bvc, 2 bb, 7 so). Starting in the seventh inning he was taken over by Mattia Aldegheri who continued his partner’s work by hitting five plate outs in two and two-thirds innings before leaving Matteo Bocchi with the task of getting the last out of the match.

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