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(CNN Spanish) — The Miami Heat are on the cusp of another NBA title by advancing to the finals after beating Jason Tatum’s Boston Celtics.

The task will not be easy as they face the Denver Nuggets, the best team in the entire NBA in this 2022/2023 season and which has Nikola Jokic at the best moment of his career.

However, the Heat come in good shape thanks to the spectacular performances of their star Jimmy Butler, who shouldered the team in the conference championship series against the Celtics.

The Heat are looking to get the fourth NBA title in their history. What were the previous championships? Here we present some historical data of the team.

Origen del Miami Heat

  • The Miami Heat is a relatively young team in the NBA: it arrived in the league in 1988 along with the Charlotte Hornets, according to the Britannica encyclopedia.
  • In their first season, the Heat received a reality check, winning just 15 games in that debut season. However, the team was improving little by little.
  • In his third season in the NBA, that of 1991/1992, he had a negative record, but that was enough for them to get a position in the league postseason for the first time.
  • That first time in the postseason was overshadowed by a loss to the Chicago Bulls, who ultimately became champions with the virtuoso Michael Jordan at the helm.
  • The Heat evolved from then on and in the 2000s the team’s first NBA title came, while in the 2010s they won two more.

champion rings

This year’s NBA Finals against the Nuggets are the seventh the Miami Heat have reached in their history.

In the previous six, the Miami team has an even record: three wins that resulted in championships and three losses.

Here are the finals that the Heat have won:

The last two titles were also the first two NBA titles for LeBron James.

In this video you can see how the Heat have done in all the finals:

historical players

In the regular season, these are some of the historical leaders of the Miami Heat, according to NBA data:

  • Most games played: Dwyane Wade, with 948 games
  • Most points: Dwyane Wade (21,556)
  • Most assists: Dwyane Wade (5,310)
  • Most rebounds: Udonis Haslem (5,791)
  • Most steals: Dwyane Wade (1,492)

In the postseason, these are some of the team’s historical leaders:

  • Most games played: Dwyane Wade, with 171 games
  • Most points: Dwyane Wade (3,864)
  • Most assists: Dwyane Wade (846)
  • Most rebounds: Dwyane Wade (898)
  • Most steals: Dwyane Wade (268)


The name of the equipment was chosen in October of 1986, almost two years before its entry to the NBA.

The organization held a contest for the fans to propose the name of the team. Out of more than 5,000 proposals, the winning option was “Miami Heat”, which was proposed by fan Stephanie Freed.

After the name, it was the turn of the shield. The classic shield design with a flame-shaped ball crossing a hoop was the work of Mark Henderson and Richard Lyons.

The shield of the Miami Heat.  (Photo:

The shield of the Miami Heat. (Photo:

The fans voted from a choice of designs with the Henderson and Lyons winning with 34% of the vote.

“Apart from some color changes and minor modifications over the years, the Heat logo remains relatively unchanged today,” the team’s history page says.

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