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The three-day “Smiltene Cup” cycling marathon will start on Friday, when the prologue of the multi-day cycling race and the individual race of the Open group will take place on the local karting track. Registration for the Saturday and Sunday competitions is still open on the website

Almost 400 participants have already registered for the “Smiltene Cup”. Taking into account that the registration continues and the interest from the local residents of the region is only growing, there are reasonable expectations that the number of participants of the previous year, which was 500 people who wanted to ride, will be surpassed. Athletes applied not only from Latvia, but also from Lithuania, Estonia and Ukraine. Among them are also such well-known cyclists as – Andris Vosekalns, Māris Bogdanovićs, Aleks Krasts, Ārons Aus, Kristiāns Belohvoščiks, Dāvis Gludavs and others.

The three-day long marathon will be entered on Friday at the Smiltene karting track. It is there from 16:00 that the 1 kilometer long and very technical prologue of the multi-day race for the U14 boys, as well as the U16 boys and girls groups will take place. This will be followed from 18:30 by the Open group competition, in which everyone who wants to ride can participate. A bicycle helmet is required. The participation fee for the Open trip is 5.00 EUR.

The opening of the “Smiltene Cup” will take place in the Old Park on Friday evening at 20:00. At the opening, the standouts of the solo trip will be welcomed, as well as the presentation of the multi-day trip teams.

The second day of the competition will take place on the legendary cobblestone hill. The U14 group boys and U16 group girls will start the competition from 10:00. This will be followed by the U16 youth first stage competition. At 12:40 in the meantime, the powerful Open sports race will start in the distance. The race course will lead along a 2-kilometer circle that will pass by the stadium, the Tepera Lake promenade and the Old Park. There will be no shortage of steep descents, technical and narrow places, nor the heavy cobbled hill.

The climax of the “Smiltene Cup” is expected on Sunday, June 11. The competition center will be located at the Vidzeme stadium, with tracks leading in the directions of Branta, Rauna and Priekuļi. At 10:00 a.m., the U12 and U14 girls’ group competitions, as well as the U12 boys’ group competitions will start. The final stage of the U14 boys and U16 girls multi-day race will follow. At 12:15 p.m., young people will go on the 77-kilometer track.

We also thought about the little ones. At 12:30 p.m., the exciting “ASE” children’s rides will take place at the Vidzeme stadium, where everyone from 2 to 11 years of age can participate for free. The only rule is a bike helmet. The prizes for all the little rascals have been provided by the supporters of the “Smiltene Cup” – “Tukuma piens”, “Tutas lijas” and “Skriveru saldumi”.

The central start of the day is expected at 2:45 p.m., when the “Dako Zielmevidzeme” sports race (97 km), the “Vudlande” People’s race (42 km) and the “AL Mežs” Health Class (20 km) will go on the track at 5-minute intervals. It is also possible to apply for these trips on the internet platform

Regulations and other information can also be found there.

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