Oleksejenko’s 15th place in the European Games in archery qualification

Oleksejenko’s 15th place in the European Games in archery qualification

Dāvis Blaže took 43rd place in the qualification competition in shooting with the Olympic bow at the European Games in Krakow on Friday, while Yulia Oleksejenko took 15th place in the competition with the compact bow.

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Blaže took 43rd place in the qualifying competition with 626 points among 47 athletes.

Turkish athlete Mete Gazozs achieved the best result in the preliminaries with a new game record of 692 points.

On Monday, in the 1/32 final, the Latvian athlete will meet the Swiss Florian Faber, who achieved the 22nd best result with 659 points.

Yuliya Oleksejenko shot 647 points in the competition with a compact bow, ranking last in the competition of 15 participants.

On Saturday, in the round of 16, she will meet the bronze medalist of the 2018 European Championship, Denmark’s Tanja Gellentjen, who scored 712 points on Friday and ranked second.

Lisella Jātma from Estonia achieved the third best result in the qualification competition with 708 points.

The Latvian duo Agate Rašmane/Lauris Strautmanis took 18th place in the mixed team competition in air pistol shooting at a distance of ten meters at the European Games on Friday in Wroclaw.

Strautmanis scored 98, 95 and 96 points in three series of shots, while Rashmane scored 93, 96 and 93 points. With 571 points, the Latvian duo took 18th place in the ranking of 28 teams.

Two teams from Italy (581 points and 578 points), Armenia (581 points) and Bulgaria (576 points) will fight for medals on Friday.

On Friday in Rzeszów, Latvian figure jumper Džeja Delania Patrika took 17th place in figure jumping from the ten-meter tower, failing to qualify for the finals.

Patrika collected 54.0, 28.5, 36.0, 30.4 and 51.2 points in the five preliminaries, taking 17th place in the competition of 18 athletes with 200.10 points.

The 12 best results qualified for the finals. Latvian athletes were 47.3 points behind the 12th place occupied by the Norwegian Helle Tuksena. Great Britain’s Eden Chen achieved the best result of 299.35 points.

The final will take place on Friday.

At the third European Games, Latvia is represented by 96 athletes in 17 sports.

The competition takes place from June 21 to July 2 in Krakow and other cities of the Lesser Poland Voivodeship.

The European Games take place once every four years. The first games were held in 2015 in Baku, and the second in 2019 in Minsk.

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