«Never in question, the market is all up to Manna»-

Of Philip Bonsignore

The CEO of Juventus Scanavino confirms the coach: «With Allegri we are in total harmony, the relationship is solid. He is the most suitable person to give us continuity and plan a serene future »

«Allegri it was never in question.” The CEO of Juventus, Maurizio Scanavino, puts an end to the rumors about the black and white bench and definitively confirms the coach. «It’s with him total sharing of all future scenarios – he explains to the microphones of Sky Sport -, from the market, to the sporting part, to the economic-financial framework of the company. We have always had daily meetings and contacts with Allegri. In recent months we have gone through this storm together, our relationship has consolidated very quickly. There was no shortage of moments of confrontation, even heated in some cases, but with constructive criticism and self-criticism. With the will to do the best for the players and the club».

Max is the element of continuity of a Juve that wants to leave this terrible season behind, lived between the failure of sporting goals and judicial events. «In the storm we experienced, we did well», summarizes Scanavino. «We understand the discontent of the fans, surely they too have been in the same boat as us. Juve is coming from extraordinary moments and this situation hasn’t helped us get the results we would have liked to have».

Now it’s time for the rebuild: «For the future, you have to have your feet on the ground. Even with this unnecessary confirmation from Allegri, we have set some firm points: he is the most suitable person to give us continuity on a sporting level, but there are still aspects to be resolved and some economic-financial components are not easy to manage. Maximum humility, maximum commitment and total self-criticism that can lead us to a better course in terms of results on the field and also expressing a better game, even if in the last phase there was the off-field difficulty. The important thing was to close this situation which was not taken for granted and could be extended over time. Having reached this point allows us to plan the future with more serenity».

Juve wants to permanently archive the recent past and another test and the turning point on the SuperLega. “We have sent a formal communication to Real Madrid and Barcelona which can take us out of the project”, confirms Scanavino but this situation “is unrelated” to the UEFA investigation “on which we currently have no elements to judge because the investigation is underway ».

In the meantime, the market will be entrusted “100% to Giovanni Manna”, promoted by Next Gen, waiting for Cristiano Giuntoli. «He has a contract with Napoli for another year, it doesn’t seem right to comment further». Summary: «For Juve I see a future of great commitment, of great teamwork, to be done humbly with the aim of improving while keeping our feet firmly on the ground».

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