Neither Madrid nor Yankees. The world’s highest-earning sports franchise is the NFL

The NFL’s Dallas Cowboys are the franchise that has generated the most profit in the last three years among all professional teams in the world (including those that make up the NBA, MLB, NHL and the main European soccer leagues) with 1,171 million dollars .

According to Forbes magazine, the team of American billionaire Jerry Jones, which with 8,000 million dollars is also the most valuable on the planet, almost doubles second place on the list of the 25 most profitable teams since 2020; the New England Patriots, which produced $623 million.

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In third place on the list is the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club of the English Premier League with 414 million dollars in earnings.

The roster is dominated by 13 NFL teams. In addition to the Cowboys and Pats, the Houston Texans appear, of which Janice McNair is co-founder and current owner, in sixth place with 356 million in earnings.

The New York Giants are ninth with 333 million, the Los Angeles Rams, champions in Super Bowl LVI, are in 11th place with 318 million; the thirteenth step with 290 million is occupied by the Washington Commanders, recently acquired by the group led by Josh Harris in exchange for 6,050 million dollars.

In position number 15 are the Chicago Bears with 288 million; the Jacksonville Jaguars occupy the seventeenth place with 281 million. Positions 19 to 22 are held by the Denver Broncos, Miami Dolphins, New York Jets and Pittsburgh Steelers. The Philadelphia Eagles, defending NFC champions, are in 24th place.

The New York Nicks of the NBA, fifth place with 404 million dollars in earnings, are the best located in the American basketball league that contributes seven teams; the Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, Chicago Bulls, Dallas Mavericks, Boston Celtics and Houston Rockets are the other six.

Among the 25 mentioned in the magazine specialized in the world of business and finance are four teams from the English Premier League: Manchester United, Manchester City, Liverpool, as well as Tottenham, and one from the German Bundesliga, Bayern Munich.

No Major League Baseball (MLB) or National Hockey League (NHL) teams appear because their broadcast deals are not as lucrative as those of the NFL or NBA.

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