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It’s autumn 2011: in the Serbian city of Novi Sad, a fat boy is sitting in a dark changing room in a run-down gym. He drinks almost a liter of coke on his ex. Even though he has to play basketball right away. Then he does too. He may look listless, but he ends up knocking out 30 points for an easy win.

Twelve years later he’s in with the Denver Nuggets NBA-Finals (Game 1 takes place on Friday night at 2.30 a.m.). We’re talking about Nikola Jokic (28)!

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NBA: Nikola Jokic used to drink three liters of cola a day

Instead of squinting in the direction of professional basketball, three liters of cola, Börek, Cevapcici and tons of sweets were on his daily menu. He jokingly calls himself “Klops”.

Photos of him from this time are circulating on the Internet, which do not suggest that Jokic would ever do professional sports.

Nikola Jokic als Teenager

Nikola Jokic als Teenager

Photo: twitter/fisney_duck

In Denver, Colorado, at the foot of the Rocky Mountains, beyond the glitz and glamor of the metropolises of New York, Chicago and Los Angeles, he matures into a superstar.

In 2021 and 2022 he will be voted the most valuable player in the league. No MVP before him was picked this late in the draft.

NBA: Lowest Draft MVPs

player Pick MVP
Nikola Jokic 41. Pick (2014) 2021, 2022
Giannis Antetokounmpo 15. Pick (2013) 2019, 2020
Steve Nash 15. Pick (1996) 2005, 2006
Karl Malone 13. Pick (1985) 1997, 1999
Dirk Nowitzki 9. Pick (1998) 2007

Jokic is now considered the best player in the league. In the playoffs, he easily won his nuggets against the Minnesota Timberwolves (4-1), then title favorite Phoenix Suns with star players Kevin Durant, Devin Booker and Chris Paul were eliminated 4-2.

In the finals of the Western Conference, the Los Angeles Lakers around LeBron James and Anthony Davis were swept off the plate 4-0.

Thanks to Jokic, the Nuggets are favorites in the finals against the Miami Heat. Out of superstition, he wears his wedding ring on his shoe at every game. It is quite possible that he will soon receive a ring for the NBA title. It would be the completion of the crazy story of the “Blob” who suddenly conquered the NBA.

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