NBA Finals 2023: the Denver Nuggets fly to 3-1, Miami still cleared in game-4

One step ring for the Denver Nuggets, and for the first time in history. The Colorado capital city franchise goes on to win again at the home of the Miami Heat. 95-108 the final result of a comparison in which there are two interpretations, at least for those who bring home the wide smiles. First of all, however, it must be said that the key night may be between Monday 12 and Tuesday 13 in Italy.

Sure, there is Nikola Jokic who scored 23 points and 12 rebounds. Sure, there is Jamal Murray who makes 15 and 12 assists. The real man of the night, though, is Aaron Gordonwho with 27 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists erases the ambitions of another huge protagonist, Jimmy Butler (25-7-7 for him). In fact, without Gordon’s blazes, Jokic’s foul problems would have been difficult to manage. Two figures are enough: 11 shots scored out of 15 from the field, +29 plus/minus. In practice, it means that the Nuggets, with him on the field, are a flying machine.

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In short, the night of history is getting closer and closer. And it is also thanks to the substance test of Bruce Brown, 11 points (of the 21 total) in the last quarter alone. But, in general, it’s a bit like the game of those who weren’t supposed to be protagonists and instead become protagonists, launching an entire city on the threshold of a very close triumph. Which is also true because only once has there been a comeback from down 3-1: Cleveland Cavaliers against Golden State Warriors, 2016.

As for the Heat, the last to quit, as usual, is Bam Adebayo, for which very often the numbers do not matter. The problem is that it alone is not enough, and at this point not even the possible double chance of letting Jokic do it and marking the others or marking the others and “charging” Jokic doesn’t work. In short, Miami is at an impasse.

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