MyPlay puts its cameras for the Spanish cadet women’s basketball championship

ALICANTE. The firm MyPlay adds more sports projects of its technology based on Artificial Intelligence for competitions. Thus, he was in charge of putting his cameras to broadcast live lThe final phase of the Spanish Women’s Cadet Basketball Championshipwhich was held in Guadalajara. In this way, the automatic cameras of MyPlay showed the semifinals and finals on the channels of the Spanish Basketball Federation. The last match was between Casademont Zaragoza and CBIC SPAR Gran Canaria.

Not only that. In April they added their automatic cameras to streaming for the Lucien Dutard stadium of the French soccer team Sports star of Boulazac to “be able to improve the experience of our fans by offering them the opportunity to watch the games live on Facebook“. Now they put their technology into a new soccer team in France.

At the end of last year they added their automatic cameras to water polo. In this sense, the Mediterranean Sports Club chose this startup with presence in Digital District for the broadcast of the Len Euro Cupa competition of this sport with some of the best European clubs, such as BVK Crvena Zvezda, ŠKP Modrí Draci Košice, GS Apollon Smyrnis, BVSC-Zugló and Trieste water polo.

Also, recently, they released a new version of their system, ‘MyPlay Pro’ which includes the production of streaming live automated and be able to open your product to outdoor sports such as football or rugby, among others. Alicante and specifically, Distrito Digital, have become the bridgehead from which the Israeli MyPlay wants to change the relationship of sports clubs with digital environments in Europe. the international company uses an algorithm that allows the cameras installed in the club pavilions to follow the game automatically. With the new update, they open up to new competitions.

So too signed the collaboration with the Basketball Federation of Castilla-La Mancha for the live broadcast of the entire First National Championship masculine and feminine. An agreement to give non-professional basketball more visibility “and the opportunity for clubs to automatically broadcast in streaming all his leagues and to be able to reach new and potential sponsors, athletes and fans”. In addition, the Decathlon Open Innovation initiative, the umbrella under which the collaboration programs with startups by this French multinational from the world of sports has included MyPlay as one of the startups most prominent in the field of sports analysisespecially in soccer performance. “We will continue advancing and improving to grow in soccer as much as we have done with basketball and handball in Europe and the United States,” they say from the Alicante-based company.

The company also allows game or training recordings to be automatically uploaded to a platform from which coaches can analyze the game, create clips, highlightsin addition to developing statistical studies associated with the video.

In the last year, the company has
MyPlay has joined the Bundesliga basketball club Fraport Skyliners to sports team listing that use their technology based on Artificial Intelligence and interactive cameras. In March joined the club of the ACB Baxi Manresa and in summer, the Roma Volley Club, one of the most influential teams in Italian volleyball, renewed its collaboration and the installation of its cameras to be able to review the team’s training sessions in real time.

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