More than 30,000 Meduca students, teachers and officials will contribute to the Third Regional Simulation

The Ministry of Education (Meduca), through the National Directorate of Environmental Education, will have the opportunity to update the School Plans for Comprehensive Disaster Risk Management (PEGIR) with the participation of 32,938 people (30,824 students and 2,114 teachers and officials ), 67 schools from eight regional education directorates throughout the country, in the Third Regional Simulation of Disaster Response and Humanitarian Assistance. Classes will not be suspended at any of the participating schools.

This guarantees the strengthening of the capacities for prevention, preparation and response to an adverse event that is generated in the school environment. The participation of the schools is fundamental, since what is embodied in the PEGIR is put into practice, explained the director of Environmental Education, Carmen Aparicio.

In the regions of Colón, Chiriquí, Coclé and Darién, the passage of tropical wave 10 will be simulated, which will cause flooding, strong winds, and landslides. The regions of Veraguas and Herrera will simulate an evacuation in the event of an earthquake on the Tonosí fault.

For Central Panama, the entities and schools that will be in the drill are: the Meduca headquarters, the Bolívar Institute, San Vicente School, Omar Torrijos Bilingual School, COIF Meduca, Isaac Rabin School, Las Esclavas, Javier School, Crossroad Christian Academy, Hebrew Academy , Panama Academy for the Future, the General Basic Education Center (CEBG) Manuel Amador Guerrero, IPHE, CASPAN, Children’s Home and Mamoní Arriba.

For West Panama, Republic of Costa Rica Bilingual School, El Hijo del Carpintero, La Polvareda, José María Barranco, El Arado, Victoria D’Spinay, Chiara Lubich, Magen David Academy, Howard Academy, La Laguna, Las Uvas, Chichivali, School San Carlos, Las Margaritas, Mata Ahogado, Rodeo Viejo, Los Yerbos, San José de San Carlos and La Pita.

For the regional of Chiriqui: Old Chiriqui, The Clouds, New Switzerland, Peak Hill, Bass of Chiriqui, Palmarito, Guiz River, Civil Corotu, Baco, Valentine, Cypress, Chuchupate, Octavio Lopez Pascal, Palo Alto, Jacu and Sawdust. In Herrera, Bilingual Juan T. del Busto, Bilingual Eneida M. de Castillero and the Psychopedagogic College.

From Colón, the CEBG José Isabel Herrera, Heriberto Molinar and Juana de Sugaste will participate. For the Coclé region: Juan Demóstenes Arosemena, Pocrí High School, San Martín, CEBG Paula Fernández de Jiménez, Cerro Morado and CEBG Bilingüe El Perú.

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In addition, for the Darién regional, the Punuloso School, CEBG Marcos Alarcón. For Veraguas, officials from the Regional Directorate of Education of Veraguas and the Urracá Institute.

Decree 66 of December 22, 2022, which regulates Law 38 of December 2, 2014, establishes the mandatory teaching of environmental education and comprehensive disaster risk management, as a transversal axis, in official and private schools of the whole country.

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The exercises that will be developed in the drill are distributed by region and address different scenarios. For example, in West Panama and Central Panama, the evacuation protocol will be activated in the event of an earthquake of magnitude 7.5 on the Richter scale. This will have as its epicenter the Pedro Miguel fault, in the Panama Canal area.

On the other hand, Executive Decree No. 14 of June 5, 2023, which bears the signature of the President of the Republic, Laurentino Cortizo Cohen, creates the Organizing Commission for the Third Regional Simulation of Disaster Response and Humanitarian Assistance, which will be It will take place from June 13 to 16, 2023.

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