Monty Williams accepts the court of the Detroit Pistons: 78 million dollars for 6 years, he is the highest paid coach in the League

Another bench NBA find a new owner. After Udoka ai Rockets, Griffin ai Bucks and Nurse to the 76ers, also i Detroit Pistons they hire the new coach that is Monty Williamstorpedoed a few weeks ago by the Phoenix Suns who are the only ones left with Toronto Raptors still without a helmsman for the next championship. Returning to Pistonsthe franchise of Motor City made an unbridled court at Williamsidentified him as the right man to lead the reconstruction, he who put i Suns turning them from joke to title contender, and convinced him with a monstrous contract, the biggest ever given to a manager.

According to ESPN and The Athletic, the owner Tom Gores will drop a deal from beyond $78 million over the next 6 years13 a year, making become Monty Williams the highest paid coach in the NBA before Gregg Popovich (11.5 million), a Steve Kerr (9.5 million) ea Erik Spoelstra (8.5 million). The 51-year-old former coach of the Suns was not too attracted by the court of the Pistons and was awaiting other offers, but after Milwaukee and Philadelphia bet on other names, he evidently decided to accept Detroit in order not to remain sidelined.


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Monty he will have plenty of time to work, not excessive pressure and carte blanche with a roster that this year has been the worst in terms of record – 17 won and 65 lost – but which has a good core, a veteran like Bojan Bogdanovicespecially so much young talent with Cade Cunningham, Jaden Ivey, Jalen Duren e James Wisemanand also the fifth overall pick of the next Draft.

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