Milan, Play on the Pitch brings Fan Token holders to San Siro

In recent years, the growing adoption of fan tokens by sports clubs has opened up new opportunities for fan engagement. Fan tokens allow supporters to acquire a virtual share of the club, offering them a unique lever of loyalty and membership

I fan token they represent a form of involvement that allows supporters to become an active part of their favorite club.

By purchasing and holding fan tokens, fans not only get the right to vote in certain club decisions, but also exclusive benefits such as privileged access to exclusive content, personalized merchandise and even special interactions with players and staff. This form of involvement creates a closer bond between fans and the team, fueling passion and enthusiasm.

Milan engages fans through i token offering them the opportunity to play a game San Siro, the club’s historic stadium. This initiative called “Play on the pitch” it is reserved for holders of AC Milan fan tokens and allows them to have a unique experience on the same pitch where the team won the Scudetto last year.

This formula has been successfully tested in Spain, England and Brazil. The precise date of the event has not yet been announced, but will take place during the summer. The aim is to promote direct interaction between the club and its supporters, creating a real community and actively involving the fans who become protagonists on the pitch, thus creating unforgettable experiences and memories.

These new possibilities for fan engagement through the use of tokens have important business implications for the club. Not only is a deeper and more lasting bond created between a club and its supporters, but it also opens up new sources of income. In fact, using fan tokens as a means to participate in this experience offers new monetization possibilities for the club, creating a market for buying and selling.

This can generate additional revenue and contribute to the long-term financial sustainability of the club, even if from a technical point of view, using a third party platform like “Socios” prevents data monetization activity for the clubbecause the data remains the property of the third-party platform.

For a club, this solution is not the most advantageous, because through a third party company (Socios) it is unable to retain user data. The solution instead lies in creation of a proprietary platform.

proprietary platforms (come SportXP) are the tool for clubs to obtain data and profile users, and for supporters and enthusiasts the single touchpoint through which to access content of interest and value-added services.
In this way, the club is able to activate direct and indirect revenue models and create opportunities for sponsors and stakeholders, without having to use third-party platforms.


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2023-06-09 07:37:00
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