“Messi’s is going to be a shot of energy”

Victor Vazquez (36) formed next to Leo Messi a successful duo known to all in the cadet of the Barça, when they were both 14 years old. They were, together with Piqué, Cesc and the rest of the teammates, the feared ’87 generation’. That tandem between the Barcelonan and the Argentine aimed very high, but things went wrong for the man from Guinardó due to injuries and he left in search of new challenges in the European, American and Arab leagues. Now, he is enjoying his second spell at Toronto FC (MLS), which means that he is going to meet up with his old friend, who has just announced that he is signing for Inter Miami.

How are you doing? Is the recovery going well?

Good, recovering little by little. On May 1 I underwent surgery with Ramon Cugat in Barcelona for a calcareous bone injury. I am in the recovery phase, working a lot. Tomorrow I will try to start running on a special machine, but the truth is that I still have a bit of pain. When the pain started we decided to stop. The bone bothered me, I felt like a prick and Cugat filed the bone for me. He told me that he would be out between 10 and 12 weeks. In other words, I would have six or seven left.

He can now recover well, because in September he has a match against Leo Mesi…

Hahahaha I have to be yes or yes! The normal thing is that yes, that it is at the end of July already

If the coach did not include you in the ‘eleven’ or in the game, would you ask him?

I know that I will play something, that the coach will be aware of the situation. I think that if I’m well I’ll play, even as a substitute. I don’t think he did that to me! (laughs)

Well, we already have a show in Miami… It’s all crazy, right?

Whoops! It will be incredible for the city, for the club, for the fans… It will be a boost of energy to have the best in the world. Because I still consider him the best in the world

Have you followed him these years?

I always follow him. Lately he has not been seen enjoying himself despite being with great players at his side. And it’s normal. It happened to me too. When you leave Can Barca after so many years and with the pressure from PSG to win the Champions League… Messi is the best in the world but he needs players around him to accompany him. I don’t think he has to shut up, with the World Cup he already did everything

Where and how do I get the news?

I heard it at home, Tuesday night. Once I got to training in the morning it was already known that it would be a matter of hours and in the afternoon it was already confirmed. People were in shock, no one expected it, at least for it to happen so quickly. In fact, I was convinced that I would return to Barça. From what I know of him, I know that he would not have been happy in Saudi Arabia. In Miami it will be very good, everything is more similar to Barcelona. You will enjoy the MLS, it is a league that is growing, a very competitive championship where nothing is decided until the end

What was the first thing you thought of?

The first thing is that I could play against him, because since I left Barça it never could be. Being able to get back in touch makes me very excited. I think it will be special for him too, but for me it will be incredible to meet again. My goal is to be ready on September 20, Inter-Toronto day (laughs). I’ll have a great time. For the game itself, for being able to speak with him in person again, for changing our shirts… For everything that can happen. He is a sensitive person and he is going to realize, like me, the moment. We’ve known each other for 22 years

I would have preferred him to sign for Toronto, of course

Of course, yesterday we were joking with this. I’m happy, but I would love to be able to finish my career with Leo. Hey, you never know! I plan to play at least a couple more years. If necessary, I will propose to sign for Inter Miami (laughs)

Do you think you will be able to save the team’s situation?

Options to win the MLS with Inter Miami is very difficult. Of course he’s going to score goals and give assists, but here he doesn’t have a team behind him. He will have to adapt to a very different type of football. When I give the ball, the play will not always end well. Messi is going to change the face of Miami but he is going to have a hard time getting into the playoffs

Did you look at the Inter-Toronto date as soon as you found out about Messi?

I didn’t even remember what day we played against Inter Miami, really. Maybe because I’m injured I’m not so attentive to the calendar. My son Leo told me. He is already older, he will be 10 in August and he already likes and follows soccer. He likes Barça, but also Espanyol. He feels attached to both, because they are Barcelona teams. It happens to me too, I’m not the typical culé. I have family and ‘parakeet’ friends and that always pulls

Are you going to wait until game day to talk to him?

At the moment I am not going to overwhelm him, because these days will be intense for him. Besides, I’m not to bother. Later the same yes. I will try to contact him because in recent years we have lost contact. I am very excited that he is in the same league as me. In addition, we are only three hours away by plane

What memories do you keep of that cadet over the years?

The last memory I have with Messi is the match against Rubin Kazan, in the Champions League, in 2010. We won 2-0 and I scored. That is unforgettable. I have many memories with him… We didn’t like to study a lot, the only thing that mattered to us was football and becoming famous (laughs). We liked to bite to see who scored more goals and gave more assists. He was shy and we tried to integrate him with everyone from the cadet


The famous cadet B 2001-02, with Messi and Víctor Vázquez (below), Piqué and Cesc


Have you ever imagined that this reunion would be possible?

Not at all, ever. Especially because of how old we both are and how little we have left of our career

By the way, is your son called Leo after Messi?

No, what’s up? With my wife we ​​were looking for a short name. We were three and in the end it was that. Romeo was another and I don’t remember the third

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