Martinelli assures that “there is a hairy hand that wants to kidnap Panamanian democracy”

This Sunday, June 4, the primaries of the party were held Realizing Goals for the office of president.

The contest was won by the founder and former president Ricardo Martinelli with 75% approval and more than 19% of sympathetic voters who left very early hours this Sunday to exercise their right to vote.

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With this, Martinelli has everything to face the game and to recover democracy again, as he emphasized in his speech.

“Don’t be blind, they want to kill democracy, they seek to silence the vote of the majority in Panama… They are terrified of the popular will. I am the one who leads all the opinion polls, however, from refrigerated offices from the Old Town and from the hills of Ancón a purely political trial is planned and executed. For more than 10 years, I have been the victim of using the judiciary to end my political career and I have been the target of this practice since I ceased to be President of the Republic. Me the criminal-electoral jurisdiction is disrespecteddespite the fact that I am a presidential candidate and the Electoral Code establishes that protection so as not to be politically persecuted.This jurisdiction was created so that the candidates could campaign, and not be persecuted by other politicians, nor that the Judicial Branch be used for that purpose,” added the former president.

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He also took the opportunity to make a call to the Electoral Tribunal.

I ask the Electoral Tribunal and international observers to enforce democracy, the criminal-electoral jurisdiction and the popular will. My opponents aren’t even interested in me going to prison, because they know that won’t happen… their long-term goal is for me not to compete in 2024. They do not know what to do with their actions to prevent the Panamanian people from benefiting from my projects and proposals as president in 2024,” Martinelli highlighted.

He also emphasized that “there is a ‘Dark and Hairy Hand’ that wants to intervene and hijack Panamanian democracy, and that they do not want citizens to have better days, jobs, better salaries and that they can enjoy with their family”.

2023-06-04 23:41:42
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