Malone supports Michael Porter Jr. despite his mistake

Michael Porter Jr. was signing a fairly solid postseason in which he was being a very important piece for the Nuggets, but the arrival of the Finals seems to have ended his consistency, especially regarding the shot from three. Despite the fact that his team leads 2-1, the forward has received a lot of criticism for his game, some due to his defensive disconnections in the second game but most related to his mistake, which has made him lose a lot of prominence . Right now, he accumulates a 3/19 in triples in the tie against Miami, but his coach has come to his defense when he has been asked about it.

“A lot of people are in a hurry to disparage other people’s work,” said Mike Malone. “Porter isn’t making the shots, but we know he’s a great shooter and we know what he’s capable of. If he’s taking good shots and we’re generating the right shots for him, I want him out there. Same with Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. They are two players that we know are better than what they have shown in these three games, and they have to keep shooting because it is the only way they are going to overcome this bad streak.”

“We believe in Michael. He is our starting forward »he sentenced. “I have no doubt that he still has a great game to offer and that he is going to be the key for us to win the title.”

Porter had been averaging more than 33 minutes per game in the previous qualifiers, but in this one, despite the fact that he started playing 43 in Game 1, his presence on the court has been falling more than notably. In the second game he was just 26, and in the third, in which Christian Braun emerged as a revelation with a great second half, Michael did not exceed 21. However, these types of unexpected irruptions are not something with which the Nuggets need to count every day, and they need him to serve as a plunger if the opposing defense focuses too much on Murray and Jokic.

In these playoffs, he is signing 13.3 points with a 36.9% accuracy rate on three-pointers and 8.1 rebounds, and, although defense is far from being his forte, in many games he has managed not to be a null factor in that regard. thanks to his height. However, he gives the feeling of being the kind of player who needs his attack to flow to be confident in the rest of the sections, and this is not the case for now.

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