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What a 2023 for CB Las Rozas B! The Roceño team, which reached the final phase undefeated, defeated the Olympic District 72-47 to put the icing on the cake and be crowned in San José de Las Matas as first-year junior women’s champion. Earlier, in the game that opened the day, Bauhaus CB Coslada defeated San Agustín Madrid 51-22 to take third place.

Photos: Oscar Ribas


CB Las Rozas B 72 (12+29+11+20):
Elena Castillejo (8), Carlota Caso (14), Beatriz Morell (2), Laura Gutierrez (7), Nerea González (12) -starting five- Macarena Garrido (5), Adriana Moyo (6), Marina Bravo (2) , Jimena Álvarez (6), Matilde Torres (5), Fiona Negro and Paula Caso (5).

Olympic District 47 (12+12+14+9):
Natalia García (3), Julia Masip (10), Paula Robles (5), Tania Ayuso (13), Alicia Moreno (6) -starting five- Emma García (1), Lucía Fiel, Inés Alonso (4), Inés Argüeso , Lucía Rubio, Alejandra Blanes (3) and Victoria López (2)

Digital record in SWISH (NBN23)

Full match a FBMTV

After winning their respective semifinal duels, CB Las Rozas B and Distrito Olímpico faced each other to decide the title of this junior final phase. The host, who arrived undefeated, came out with great speed and success to quickly put
up on the scoreboard (7-2). The reaction of the District did not wait and with the successes of Julia Masip
y Tania Ayuso
tied the game, a parity that held until the end of the first quarter.

The draw did not last long. After a couple of minutes of balance, the friction was stronger on both sides of the field, causing the Olympic District to lose its calm and also the distance that kept them in the game; Las Rozas closed the first half with a solid 41-24 score, a difference that marked the rest of the game.

Emotions rose in the pavilion upon returning from the break, with an Olympic District with more initiative. A lot of pressure and improvements in the face of the basket that served to discount but were not enough, since in the last quarter Las Rozas raised the pressure again, causing numerous losses and failures in their rival, who ended up giving up spaces and therefore the title against a great CB Las Rozas.


Trophies handed out:
Santos Moraga, president of the Madrid Basketball Federation
Juan Gil, president of CB Las Rozas
Bruno Caso, vice president of CB Las Rozas

Champion: CB Las Rozas B

Runner-up: Olympic District


Bauhaus CB Coslada 51 (6+14+12+19):
Katherine Alcántara (4), Natalia Uceda (2), Marta Nuñez, Natalia Pizarro (11), Sara Roldán (7) -first five- Iria Castro (7), Silvia Rubio (6), Carmen Trigo (2), Nerea Senande (2), Cristina Álvarez, Paula Fernández (8) and Andrea Polo (2)

San Agustin Madrid 22 (4+8+4+6): Matilda Vallee, Berta Martínez, Margarita Guillén (2), Marta Delgad, Inés Palomino (3) -starting five- Carmen Medina (3), Blanca Alonso (7), Alejandra Altares (1), Alicia Miret (2), Mencia Herrero (2) and Paloma Baillo

Digital record in SWISH (NBN23)

Full match a FBMTV

Bauhaus Coslada and San Agustín Madrid took to the field to dispute the third and fourth place of this final phase. A slow start from side to side in which the first basket of the game was slow to fall. It was in favor of Coslada, but the rival immediately replied.

Both teams improved in the second quarter and, despite the fact that the difference was still small, San Agustín was punished by the numerous losses and mistakes facing the basket. In the third period, things didn’t change much for Padre Damián’s men, who took almost seven minutes to score their first two points, noticing how the gap grew wider each time.

Coslada roared in the last quarter and with a run of eleven points in a row he buried the hopes of San Agustín, who had to settle for fourth place. The team from Coslados celebrated the third with a crowd that did not stop supporting theirs from the stands.


Trophies handed out:
Santos Moraga, president of the Madrid Basketball Federation
Bruno Caso, vice president of CB Las Rozas

Third classified: Bauhaus CB Coslada

Fourth place: San Agustín Madrid

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