Langres (52): the rapper Zola attacks, with a baseball bat, a motorist who complained about rodeos; 10 month suspended sentence

Zola’s passage in Haute-Marne will not have gone unnoticed. The rapper, originally from Essonne, in the Paris region, was arrested and sentenced at the end of last week. (…) he attacked a motorist and damaged his car.

(…) He would have on this occasion committed speeding, dangerous overtaking and rodeos, tells Europe 1.

(…) another motorist reported his dangerous driving to him. (…) [il] then blocked the driver’s car and threatened him with a baseball bat. He then used it to break a window of his car.

The rapper, already known for common law acts, was sentenced on Friday to 10 months in prison with a probationary sentence of 2 years. He must also compensate his victim and is prohibited from possessing a weapon. (…)

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2023-06-05 07:07:41
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