Judo Fisdir, TeLiMar wins the national meeting with Gabriele Zarbo

Great satisfactions for the Paralympic sector of TeLiMar who took part in the second edition of the last weekend National Judo meeting for promotional and competitive athletes of people with intellectual-relational deficits, organized by Fisdir Sicily and fromIn himself.

The meeting, entitled “SportiAmo”, this year has been enriched with new contents such as the “walk of legality” and has given space to inclusive activities within the event, generating stimuli for autonomy that will do good for the whole movement . Saturday morning at the PalaMangano, in the presence of the national councilor Fisdir Gaspare Majelli and the regional delegate Roberta Cascio, ample space was given to Judo activities.

The athlete of the Addaura Club Gabriel Zarbo2nd Dan black belt, already multiple regional, national and international champions, has given proof of great maturity and technical preparation, conquering the victory in the 55 kg category. Zarbo, followed by the Fisdir master Enzo Di Liberto and the Fjilkam coach Edgardo Giuntini, is getting ready both to participate in the Fisdir Regional Championships in Lipari on June 16-17 and in the Italian Absolute Championships, which will take place in Ostia on June 24 . The TeLiMar of the President Marcello Giliberti and of the Vice-President Federica Giliberti in recent years has given the possibility, thanks to the professionalism and tenacity of the technical director Gaspare Ganci and his collaborators, to make people with disabilities practice various sports, from swimming to athletics, from futsal to judo and open water swimming.

For us – Ganci says – it is a source of pride to be able to involve people with intellectual-relational deficits in so many sports disciplines. For over a decade, TeLiMar has offered the possibility of practicing pararowing, supervised by the technical manager Marco Costantini. For four years, by co-opting Polisportiva Alba and all its staff including technicians, collaborators and athletes, the management of the Addaura Club has continued to pursue educational and technical objectives, especially in the competitive sector, for children with Down syndrome (II2). The excellent national results in almost all the disciplines practiced motivate us more and more to continue on this technical-inclusive path – adds Ganci – which as far as I’m concerned began way back in 1989, with FISHa, the Italian Federation of Handicapped Sports“.

The next appointment for the colors of TeLiMar is set for 3 June 2023 in San Vito Lo Capo, for the Fisdir regional open water swimming championships.

2023-06-01 12:04:26
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