Judo Club Fornaci shines at the European Championships Lots of medals

Great results for the athletes of the Judo Club Fornaci, representing Italy, at the European judo championships scheduled in the city of Podcetrtek, Slovenia, from 8 to 11 June.

From the Judo Club Fornaci started Cristina Marsili, next black belt 5th dan; Marco Gigli, black belt 6th dan and the new star of the Fornaci judo club in the “master” sector, Giuliano Rossi, who, after coming close to the podium at the world championships in Krakow in September, it was known that he could do well in this competition. So it was, because the day before yesterday he conquered a great second place: silver medal.

Yesterday, the multi-medal winner Marco Gigli took care of bringing heavy metal into the furnace house, obtaining the bronze medal. To think that, after Krakow, he had decided to retire from competitive sport. Luckily he reconsidered…

Today it’s the turn of another multiple champion: Cristina Marsili; she will still defend the colors of the Judo club and of Italy and the hope is, obviously, in another superlative performance by the great Fornacina athlete. So, a big good luck.

Luca Galeotti

2023-06-10 04:31:29
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