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Is Lin Zhijian miserable?Hsinchu Baseball Stadium “Big Secret Treasure” Puzzle Publication Office announced the conclusion @ChinaTimes​

Hsinchu Mayor Gao Hongan confirmed that the city government has entered the site to excavate the Hsinchu Baseball Stadium and sent the soil to the United States for testing. Regarding the city government’s claim that a large rock of about 6 or 7 cm was dug, City Councilor Liu Chongxian questioned and asked about the stone Is the block cleared gravel from the drained soil layer or simply waste? Zeng Jiawen, Director of Public Works of the Municipal Government, said that the middle and upper layers of the construction specification are mainly sand and turf, and there will be no clear gravel. Even if there is a particle size, it must be within 3 cm, which does not meet the contract specifications.

Hsinchu Mayor Gao Hongan announced the excavation of the baseball field yesterday. Director of Public Works Zeng Jiawen said that during the excavation yesterday, stones about 6 to 7 centimeters in size were excavated. (Provided by Hsinchu City Government / Fax from Wang Huihui, Hsinchu)

The Hsinchu Baseball Stadium project, which cost 1.2 billion yuan to rebuild, is currently suspended. Fans are concerned about when the improvement will start. Mayor Gao Hongan confirmed yesterday that the excavation has begun on May 31. Specimens were sent to American laboratories for testing. In response to the photos of the rocks provided by the city government, Director of Public Works Zeng Jiawen said that the rocks in the photos were indeed dug out during the excavation yesterday.

In response to Liu Chongxian’s question, how to comprehensively inspect the shallow topsoil of the baseball field next? Zeng Jiawen said that yesterday’s excavation was mainly to ask the field experts of the American major leagues to help clarify, because the pre-work required sampling, and the soil samples were sent to the American laboratory for testing. As for the comprehensive inspection, it will be at the back, and it will be tested at the same time as the drainage optimization. The sampling target and range will be more uniform, and relevant videos will also be provided to the council.

Liu Chongxian also asked, the Municipal Medical Examination Committee originally said in February this year that the soil should be sent to Yangming Jiaotong University for inspection? At the beginning, Major League Baseball field specialist Cook (Murray Cook) also said that he had brought back the soil for inspection, so why did he send it to the United States for inspection now? And asked whether the Taiwan laboratory is not capable of handling the test?

Zeng Jiawen said that the soil brought back by Cook’s sampling was relatively small, and the city government has initially discussed cooperation intentions with Major League Baseball. To do follow-up technical guidance, so a large-scale sampling was taken yesterday and sent to the United States for inspection.

As for the additional budget? Zeng Jiawen said that the cooperation intention has been confirmed with the United States first, and the actual cost of coming to Taiwan and the follow-up are still under discussion.

Finally, Liu Chongxian also pointed out that in the past, the outside world believed that the city government should reserve more time for turf maintenance this year because it caused problems due to the hasty start of the baseball field. Zeng Jiawen also said that the turf maintenance will not be interrupted during the drainage optimization construction period, and the project will be handed over to the maximum extent possible.

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