Intermunicipal tournament of Leff Armor: the mayor of Gommenec’h takes part in the archery event – Gommenech

The town of Gommenec’h won a second place on Friday evening for the penultimate event of the inter-municipal tournament of Leff Armor in Pommerit-Le-Vicomte. It was an archery tournament much appreciated by the 32 participants, representing ten municipalities. Among them, Gommenec’h who was represented by Yves Le Friec, Florian Valembois and Mayor Alain Herviou.

“Since the beginning of the year, the town has defended itself well. She finished 1st in belote, 1st in table tennis and ranks in the middle of the table for badminton. Friday, the town was 3rd, we hoped to keep this place, says the mayor. But that was without counting on Florian Valembois who finished in second place; Yves in 9th place and myself in 13th. Here is Gommenec’h with 87 points, second just ahead of Goudelin and behind Bringolo. I had never practiced archery in competition, here it is! “.

Friday, June 23, at the Petit Écho de la Mode, a Blind Test evening will complete the team tournament, from 4 to 8 players, from the same municipality; two teams maximum per municipality.


Registration possible now on the email: [email protected]

2023-06-01 10:43:00
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