Insua and Gorosito, between hugs, praise and a draw that suited Colón better than the Cyclone

“San Lorenzo has been doing an extraordinary campaign since Rubén was here,” praised the Sabalero coach before a stadium that gave them both an ovation.

A hug, smiles and two ovations from the same fans for two men of the house. Ruben Darío Insua and Néstor Raúl Gorosito they crossed paths before the match between Saint Lawrence y Colón and the Nuevo Gasómetro gave them applause and pampering. “Olé, ole, ole, ole, Pipo, Pipo!”, the people of the Cyclone first shouted when the coaches exchanged greetings. Immediately the love for the current Barça coach arrived: “¡Galleego, Gleego!”. Later, the Sabalero technician filled his colleague with praise.

San Lorenzo has been doing an extraordinary campaign since Ruben was here. It makes me very happy for him. The two coaches who have scored the most points are him and Pampa Biaggio, who are from the club. San Lorenzo did not bring technicians from the club. Congratulations to Ruben and his people, ”Gorosito said about Insua, referring to his sense of belonging to the club in which he is an idol.

El Gallego, for his part, focused on the analysis of a goalless draw that does not allow him to get close to the top of the table: “It was a tough game. It was not good, the ball was very divided and there were few arrivals at the goals. In the second half we dominated widely, but we lacked precision to convert. We were not clear in the rival area, which is where games are won”.

Insua also pointed out what their coaches failed and the reason why they could not take the three points: “The last half hour we came a lot from the sides, but then you have to win the individual duels in the area to convert.”

The DT of the Boedo team made no excuses despite the penalty not taken by Delgado’s hand. “I couldn’t see the play. They reviewed it in the VAR and nothing happened. It would be imprudent to comment because I am 50 meters away and I do not realize if it hits her hand or not and I did not see her again, ”he commented on it.

Pipo, meanwhile, added the tenth tie in his cycle in front of Colón. The campaign is completed with three wins and two losses so far. “This is long, there are 24 games left,” said the red and black coach. And he added that he was satisfied: “The team was good on a difficult pitch. They had a shot from Barrios and then it’s hard for me to remember the dangerous plays that created us”.

In turn, he marked a particularity to correct: “When we go more than point we feel more comfortable. Colón is great and he has to assume the responsibility that he has to win on his court ”.

At Bajo Flores, the Barça idols from different realities shared hugs, ovations and points.

2023-06-04 21:51:04
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