Instituto vs. Belgrano: Schedule Change and Referee Announcement for 2023 Professional League Match

Instituto will be local this Sunday in Belgrano at the Mario Kempes stadium, in an important game that will paralyze Córdoba for the 22nd date of the 2023 Professional League.

This Tuesday, the figures of both teams held a press conference to present the match, where what is coming began to throb.

In addition, from AFA they announced the authorities designated for this comparison.

The main judge will be Andrés Merlos from Mendoza, who is an international referee.

Due to his status as a Fifa referee, he directs matches corresponding to the Copa Libertadores de América and Copa Sudamericana

Merlos did all his training in the Tandilense Association of Referees and debuted in 2013 in the First Division.

His most controversial performance occurred in 2015: Arsenal beat Lanús 2-1, but the referee gave an extra five minutes, Garnet equalized and, after time, it was 3-2. Subsequently, he was suspended by the AFA. He returned to direct in the B Nacional and then returned to the elite.

Sebastian Raineri and Pablo Gualtieri will be his assistants, plus Pablo Giménez as fourth referee.

Those in charge of the VAR in Institute vs. Belgrano:

VAR: Héctor PalettaAVAR: Lucas GermanottaPhotographs of the match between Belgrano and Instituto at the Gigante de Alberdi on date 30 of the First National. The game, the reception of the team and the festivities. (Facundo Luque and Nicolas Bravo)

Schedule change

The Sunday match of the Institute against Belgrano, corresponding to the date 22 of the 2023 Tournament, will be played at 7:00 p.m.

The match was scheduled to take place at 7:30 p.m.

“The game that was scheduled for Sunday at 7:30 p.m. at Kempes is brought forward to 7:00 p.m., for operational reasons,” they reported from the Professional League.

The referees and assistants were appointed for the date 22 of the Binance Tournament, while in the next few hours the VAR and AVAR officials will be confirmed.

Here all the information:

Date 22

Friday June 30

7:00 p.m. Platense – Lanús (ESPN Premium)

Referee: Pablo DóvaloAssistant referee 1: Lucas GermanottaAssistant referee 2: Maximiliano CastelliFourth referee: Gastón Iglesias

21.30 Velez – Arsenal (ESPN Premium)

Referee: Ariel PenelAssistant referee 1: Diego BonfaAssistant referee 2: Juan Del FueyoFourth referee: Mariano Negrete

21.30 Atlético Tucumán – Union (TNT Sports)

Referee: Andrés GarianoAssistant referee 1: Diego MartínAssistant referee 2: Federico CanoFourth referee: Rodrigo Rivero

Saturday July 1

15.00 Barracas Central – River (ESPN Premium)

Referee: Leandro Rey HilferAssistant referee 1: Pablo GonzálezAssistant referee 2: Adrián DelbarbaFourth referee: Nicolás Kresta

17.30 San Lorenzo – Rosario Central (TNT Sports)

Referee: Fernando EcheniqueAssistant referee 1: Julio FernándezAssistant referee 2: Marcelo BistoccoFourth referee: Wenseslao Meneses

19.00 Students – Central Córdoba (ESPN Premium)

Referee: Hernán MastrángeloAssistant referee 1: Juan Manuel VázquezAssistant referee 2: Mariano AscensiFourth referee: Jorge Broggi

21.30 Workshops – Godoy Cruz (TNT Sports)

Referee: Jorge BaliñoAssistant referee 1: Manuel SánchezAssistant referee 2: Gisella BossoFour referee: Franco Morón

Sunday July 2

15.00 Independiente – Hurricane (TNT Sports)

Referee: Fernando RapalliniAssistant referee 1: Juan Pablo BelattiAssistant referee 2: Juan Manuel GonzálezFourth referee: Nicolás Ramírez

17.00 Colon – Racing (ESPN Premium)

Referee: Facundo TelloAssistant referee 1: Gabriel ChadeAssistant referee 2: Iván NúñezFourth referee: Bruno Bocca

19.00 Instituto – Belgrano (TNT Sports)

Referee: Andrés MerlosAssistant referee 1: Sebastián RaineriAssistant referee 2: Pablo GualtieriFourth referee: Pablo Giménez

19.30 Banfield – Argentinos (ESPN Premium)

Referee: Nazareno ArasaAssistant referee 1: Maximiliano Del YessoAssistant referee 2: Mariana De AlmeidaFourth referee: Damián Rubino

19.30 Defense and Justice – Tigre (ESPN Premium)

Referee: Sebastián ZuninoAssistant referee 1: Walter FerreyraAssistant referee 2: Daiana MiloneFour referee: Cristian Cernadas

21.30 Boca – Sarmiento (TNT Sports)

Referee: Silvio TruccoAssistant referee 1: José CastelliAssistant referee 2: Damián EspinozaFour referee: Bryan Ferreira

Monday July 3

20.00 Newell’s – Gimnasia (ESPN Premium)

Referee: Darío HerreraAssistant referee 1: Ezequiel BrailovskyAssistant referee 2: Lucio MéndezFourth referee: Guillermo González
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