Imminent earthquake at Rudy Gobert’s Wolves? The crazy rumor before the draft!

After an overall disappointing season, Wolves will have to make some changes this summer to improve this squad. Nonetheless, observers believe the franchise lacks what it takes to win the championship. Behind the scenes, the leaders could therefore strike hard.

Barely qualified for the playoffs this season, Wolves did not have a great campaign for the first of Rudy Gobert. A disappointment for the supporters, who hoped why not reach a conference final. The truth is that Chris Finch’s men are far from it, especially when you see the level of the Nuggets so far.

Big move close at Wolves

Nikola Jokic and his teammates easily eliminated Minnesota in the first round of the playoffs. If Rudy Gobert was hailed for his performance, the result is the same for Wolves. Should we continue to force or turn the workforce upside down to rebuild? Some leaders think the organization is close to making a rather crazy decision according to Eric Pincus.

A few league executives believe the Timberwolves will trade Karl-Anthony Towns “in the next few weeks. »

No confirmation yet, but that wouldn’t necessarily be a surprise. Exchanging Gobert a year after his arrival would be an admission of failure, especially since the Frenchman will not bring in much. The only way to get trumps is to trade KAT, who must be frustrated by the disappointments in Minnesota.

Nevertheless, and with an increasingly powerful Anthony Edwards, the Timberwolves have reason to believe in the years to come. But everything can go very quickly in the NBA, especially if a good offer arises to recruit Towns.

KAT leaving Minnesota

Karl-Anthony Towns could well leave Minnesota, especially since the Wolves will have to extend Anthony Edwards and Jaden McDaniels very soon: two key elements of the current roster. The payroll will explode with the new rules, which do not benefit the franchise. The draft could well hold some surprises.

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