If Roglic went to the Tour he would no longer have the specific value

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Never a victory is as faithful to the person as this Giro to Primoz Roglic

Primoz Roglic is accurate, cold, calculating, rocky, coherent and especially a vital example to be taken seriously.

All this has been reflected in this Giro d’Italia.

Three long weeks from the middle to the south and back to the north in which the Slovenian has given a class on how maximums can be achieved with minimums.

The other day, we were commenting on how lucky the race would have been if Remco Evenepoel had continued.

If at first, I always saw Primoz Roglic one point higher than the Belgian in this Giro, I think I am not wrong if I think that the outcome could have been perfectly the other way around.

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I had the feeling that Roglic wasn’t this time, this time he wasn’t playing for points and all in the end on purpose.

A sensation that has only been broken in a stratospheric time trial that connects with what I said at the beginning.

Roglic has spent three weeks thinking about this moment, the definitive moment, that brutal ramp, through a very unique setting, close to his country, to tip things in his favor.

He has never given the feeling in this Giro of being left overOn the contrary, many days he ran to the mistake and some other to accept blows.

What value Kuss’s work at the Bondone acquires now.

I very much doubt that Roglic, for whatever reason, will reach this Giro at his best.

We know of the Covid cases of his team, they happened in cyclists integrated in a group that spent time with him until the very gates of the race, as Kuss himself explained to us in the podcast.

To this is added the fall in which Tao ends up out of the race and he goes to the ground.

A guy who never complains warned that he was not comfortable, that the race was becoming a ball.

But that is Roglic, the cyclist who does not grow up in the face of problems, directly dodges them and continues on his way.

Risking everything at the end, in a time trial, I think it was not an option, the race directly pushed him towards it.

And he did it with a period exhibition, bringing out the colors of his rivals in the final section, the final, including a mechanical incident, so serious and expensive that I thought he was throwing his Giro to the ground.

Now, Roglic is a little more Rominger, the Swiss has found his nemesis in a Slovenian.

Both share many similar triumphs and the certainty that a Tour is not necessary to be a great always.

Image: Giro d´Italia FB

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