Herrera aims to promote a new sports law and change the statutes of the COB to give more support to athletes –

Lead the ‘Renovation and Progress’ formula for the elections to be held this Saturday in La Paz for the 2023-2027 administration


Source: Bolivian Olympic Committee

Kjarol Herrera, who heads the “Renewal and Progress” plan for the Bolivian Olympic Committee (COB) elections to be held this Saturday for the 2023-2027 administration, has as a work plan to promote a new sports law that supports athletes of high performance, in addition to changing the statutes of the Olympic entity and obtaining support from private and public companies.

Herrera, head of the Bolivian Karate Federation and second vice president of the current COB board, was authorized by the Electoral Committee, as were the members of its formula.

They are accompanied by: Freddy León (head of the volleyball federation, who is going for the position of first vice president), Guillermo Moor (wrestling, second vice president), Mohamed Bazbazat (sports shooting, general secretary), Juan José Paz (judo, treasurer) , Álex Camacho (baseball and softball, press secretary, communications and relations), Nimia Hurtado (modern pentathlon, minutes secretary), Marcela Soria, leader of the gymnastics federation, first member) and Rosario Barrios (karate director, second vocal).

Her project

The first thing he points to is to “order” the interior of the COB because he sees that it is not well.

“It is important first to put the house in order, so within a maximum period of three to six months we will have a new internal regulation in the COB, with a new statute that has clear rules and from this statute the different regulations will derive. specific ones that will previously be socialized to our members”, he indicated.

“Then we will enter into a very important process to generate a new legal regulation in the country according to the reality of national sports in coordination with sports actors: not only athletes, coaches, judges, leaders, but also members of the sports press, who are the natural allies at all times, not only to make sports activities known, but also the demands, requirements and needs of the sport”, he added.

Under this premise, the objective is to change National Law 804, which since it was promulgated in 2016 has not recognized any federation and therefore does not provide financial support.

“We do not conceive that there is a regulation that only imposes obligations and not rights on us. A new sports law must be made. The idea is that sports players and national, departmental and municipal government bodies get involved. We want to enter into a scenario of dialogue and concertation (with the Vice Ministry of Sports)”.

more support

With a new sports law, what Herrera will look for is that athletes have more support from the State and that it is not necessarily managed by the federations or the COB.

“The State plays an important role in sports development and high competition in the country. We will seek to generate conventions and agreements with private and state companies. For that, a new sports law is necessary with clear budgets for athletes. We do not need to manage the federations or the COB, but we do need the athletes to have adequate preparation and worry only about their competition”.

He wants to create an organization similar to the Association of Olympic Athletes (ADO) that exists in other South American countries, which consists of a program to promote athletes developed by the National Government and the Olympic Committee.

olympic channel

Another way of generating own resources is the creation of an Olympic channel in which the sports federations are involved with their different activities.

“We aim to implement the revaluation of the country’s Olympic sports activities through the National Olympic Channel, which will not only disseminate, but also generate a salable product before different instances with each of the disciplines that wish to be part of this project, which we are Seguros in a couple of years will give us economic returns that are distributed among the federations involved”

“Initially it will be open to all, but with those who wish to accept, the project will be designed with experts who can guarantee us to have a salable product that is of interest to private and public entities.”

It also aims to generate projects for Olympic Solidarity and Panam Sports with the aim of having more international support.


If he is elected president, the first thing he will do is an internal audit: “we are going to publicly and transparently convene an operational and special audit of all the management that took place in the last eight years because there are certain mistrusts, accusations between one another. The best thing is for an impartial and external entity to come and tell us how it has been handled and not involve the president or any member of the current board of directors”.

“You have to choose an assembly that is not involved with the board to carry that out,” stressed the also general secretary of the South American Karate Confederation.

Lastly, it asks for “a vote of confidence from the federations. We want to order our house, we have the formula, the experience, the desire and the knowledge. We know your current situation. We want to receive the confidence to have a real committee, a directive and a head at the service of all the federations because we have all taken the slack in recent years.

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