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Over the next four years the position of nine in the Real Madridonce the departure of Mariano Diaz and above all Karim Benzemacan have an owner if Charles Ancelotti he gets away with it and achieves the priority objective that he has set for Florentino Perez Facing the transfer window as 9 of the team and replacement for the French. For the Italian, he told the president, there is only one player who can fulfill this purpose, due to characteristics even better than the Manchester City footballer, Erling Haaland.

A nine, a ten and a tank

Carlo Ancelotti has made it clear to Florentino Pérez that the only player capable of making 10, 9 and going further, offering cover for the tanks that generate second plays is Harry Kane. The Englishman is not the favorite at Real Madrid 23/24 for Ancelotti, he is the only possible one. In his opinion, the English player has all the attributes he needs to replace Benzema.

Kane, at 29, which is the only thing that makes the president doubt, is capable of falling to the wing, of associating, of unmarked strips and of finishing off with a header. But it is also that he is a prodigious area finisher, he has a strong and accurate shot from medium and long distance, he is capable of fighting in close combat with any center back and his 188 centimeters allow him to be a constant danger in the air game. With him they would have second plays and a constant threat in the lateral scepters. It’s more, Kane could be an almost perfect complement for Rodrygo and Vinicius, since he is not only an animal in front of the rival goal, but his mobility in the last attacking strip is enormous, being a very intelligent footballer with and without the ball.


And that is the opinion at this point of Carlo Ancelotti with respect to the need to strengthen the attack, which with the loan of Joselu and the possible signing of Kai Havertz would be complete and greatly strengthened. It is true that Madrid knows that Tottenham will not let him go so easily and that this means no less than 115 million euros, however, there is no longer any possibility of saving, not when this time Florentino has been left not only without a second option, but without first Removing Haaland, a more positional and specific player, but impossible right now, Carletto believes that neither Osimhen, nor Vlahovic, nor Lukaku, nor any other nine contribute as much and to such an extent as the English international does, who also wants to leave From london. For all this, if it were up to him, the decision would be made, another thing will be that the club achieve it.

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