Hcaw Bussum beats Parma Clima (11-4)

(AGENPARL) – Sat 10 June 2023 A big seven-run inning, with two home runs, in the sixth round forces Parma Clima to abdicate, after two editions, from the throne of Europe. The Emilians, in the final of the European Champions Cup on Saturday evening, surrendered (11-4) to the host Hcaw Bussum after leading the match even with a three-point advantage. A bitter knockout, after a rally that saw Marcello Saccardi’s boys win, with authority, four games in a row, before slipping to the “Rob Hoffman Vallei”.
Parma took the lead in the third inning, with a double by Noel Gonzales, who brought home Flisi (hit) and went on to score the 2-0 on Manuel Jose’s single. The only homer by Victor Drajier (3/5 and Mvp) in the 4th allowed Bussum to stay in the game. In the upper part of the sixth, with two outs, the ducals took a 4-1 lead: Gonzalez receives a base, goes to second on Mineo’s single. The large double to the left brings home the two runners.
The race changes abruptly in the bottom of the sixth. The Hcaw, kept in check by Pablo Guillen (3bv-7so in 5rl), hits hard the throws of the relief Danny Rondon: double by Selassa, singles by Drajier and Tromp, who scores the 4-2. Dirksen’s bunt brings two runners into the scoring zone, with Drajer running to score, with bases loaded, the 4-3 on a wild pitch. The manager from Parma Saccardi calls on Mount Contreras to put a stop to the local attack. The Hcaw, in their first European title, after having lost two finals (in 2002 against Rotterdam and in 2005 against Grosseto), however sets the arrow with two powerful home runs, by first baseman Shurman Marlin with three points and by third baseman Max Drajer with two points. A hard blow to Parma’s hopes, which is down 8-4.
The orange manager, Danny Rombley, calls Burgersdijk on the hill, hit on the 7th by Battioni’s double, unfortunately with two outs and no runners on base. A double by De Cuba on De Leon, the four balls to Max Drajier with bases loaded and the single by Selassa, which brought the Dutch three points, definitively closed the match at 11-4 at the end of the seventh.
The last two rounds, played after a seventy-minute break for the sun on the field, did not change the result and Parma Clima had to put their dream of the sixteenth Cup back in the drawer.

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