Grosseto capital of baseball and softball: the Tournament of the Regions begins

Eighteen boys and girls from the Bsc Grosseto have been summoned by the representative of Tuscany for the event

Grosseto: It will be three days dedicated to baseball and softball will be held in the Simone Scarpelli and Roberto Jannella stadiums in Grosseto. From tomorrow, Friday 2 June, until Sunday 4 June the Tournament of the Regions with the talent-rich Tuscany of the Bsc Grosseto. “We are really proud – comments Roberto Piccioli, vice president of the Bsc Grosseto – that our city hosts the national youth event par excellence. Many talented athletes who will represent the various Italian realities will play on the Grosseto diamonds”.

For baseball, the categories that will take to the field will be three: the Little, the Junior and the Senior league. For the first selection, Tuscany called Serse Benelli, Gianmaria Fontana and Alessio Secciani from the Bsc Grosseto; for the Junior there will be Gregorio Pugliese and Riccardo Risico; for the Senior instead there will be Matteo Galli, Thomas Lisci, Leonardo Mangani, Lorenzo Orlandini and Edoardo Porto. He was also selected for the “reserves” Riccardo Guidotti for the Little league.

For softball, there will be two categories for the girls of the Bsc Grosseto: the Little and the Junior league. For the first selection, Tuscany has summoned Viola De Gennaro, Natascia Aquilai and Francesca Monaci; for the Junior there will be Ginevra Fontana and Beatrice Innocenti. Margherita Secciani for the Junior league and Sveva Miglianti for the Little were selected as “reserves”. “The invitation – continues Roberto Piccioli – is what all baseball and softball enthusiasts come to Scarpelli and Jannella to experience a weekend dedicated to sports and fun, supporting the many boys and girls from Grosseto who will honor the colors of Tuscany with the utmost commitment”. Fans and spectators at the Simone Scarpelli stadium will be able to take advantage of the bar service of the red and white club.

Photo by Noemy Lettieri

2023-06-01 12:15:37
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