Great results for the Tadeo Judo Club in Fuengirola

Last Saturday the Andalusian Cup Final was held in Fuengirola, specifically in the Juan Gómez ‘Juanito’ pavilion, with the participation of nine athletes from the Tadeo Judo Club. The judokas not only enjoyed themselves to the fullest but also achieved magnificent results.

In the juvenile category, Matthew Iglesias Rodríguez achieved first place, while his teammate Jeshua Iglesias Rodríguez achieved a well-deserved second place. Also in that position, Jesús Domínguez González 2nd and the young Atteneri Pino Pareja. In third place, Aitana Gallardo Lores and Valentina Enrique Ceballos. Pol Bouzada Sancho finished in fifth place.

On the other hand, in the youngest category, Camilo Espildora Espildora stood out in seventh position and Adrián Hernández Leal in fifth place.


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2023-06-05 09:23:40
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