good results yesterday in Genoa for the athletes of the Judo Club ‘Simonazzi’ of Bordighera –

Yesterday the Judo Club Simonazzi of Bordighera participated in the 33rd tournament ‘Genoa city of Colombo’, 5 B rookies born in 2009 and 2010.

Lorenzo Laganà finished second, demonstrating grit and determination and carrying out continuous attacks, but being able to do nothing with his 84 kg against an opponent of no less than 125 kg. Nicole vicari lost the first match, is recovered and wins the first recovery but loses the second due to naivety and paying for the lack of competition experience. She still misses the podium.

Rayan Anis fights like a lion performing techniques at the limit of the score that are not considered scores and surrenders only to the referee’s judgement. He is not recovered. Francesco Quaglia loses the first, is recovered, fights and wins against a strong athlete from Turin. He wins the second recovery but in the third he makes a mistake that jeopardizes the match.

Alessia Calimera ranks first, confirming the result of the Trofeo Italia and demonstrating great athletic and competitive maturity. A lot of experience for the young Bordigotti who demonstrated great judo skills on the competition tatami.

2023-06-05 09:58:17
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