From Santpedor to Istanbul, ‘el hijo del paleta’, Michael Jordan… Curiosities that define Pep Guardiola’s profile

The one on Saturday before the Inter de Milan It will be the fourth Champions League final as manager for Pep Guardiola after which he reached with the Barcelona Soccer Club in 2009 and 2011, both against Manchester United, winning the trophy; and that of 2021, in which he lost the title option after falling in Porto against the Chelsea (1-0) with a goal from Kai Havertz.

The one who is considered one of the best trainers The football planet has many curiosities, some unknown to the vast majority of fans, beyond their profession:

1. He comes from a humble family of Saint Peter (Barcelona), in the Bages region. his father, Valentin Guardiolawas a bricklayer, and his mother, Dolors Sala, died in 2020 from the coronavirus, housewife. In private she is called Josep.

2. They called him in his hometown ‘the son of the palette’ because of his father’s profession, something he has been proud of since he can remember. All his family is very culé, except his grandfatherwho was fond of Espanyol.

Marrakech is one of his favorite places in the world

3. He married his ‘lifelong’ girlfriend, the Manresa woman, twice Christina Sierra: One 2014 one butternut squash (Barcelona), and later in a luxury hotel in Marrakechone of his favorite places in the world.

4. Everyone knows his passion for the London music band Coldplaya passion that he instilled in many of his footballers at Barça, including Messi. Interestingly, the Coldplay singer, Chris Martinis very fond of his fiercest rival this course, the Arsenal.

5. Among his favorite movies stands out ‘Gladiator‘, although as a child he cried a lot with ‘pinocchio‘. And there is a sport, apart from football, of which he is a great fan, the golf. He likes both to see it and to practice it. He is just as perfectionist with the irons as he is on the benches.

6. Few know that he has the career of physiotherapist. And that he is a total lover of languages. . . . Fluent in Spanish, Catalan, English, German, French and Italian. He has forced his players at City to speak Englishsince the talks and instructions are always carried out in that language.

7. He has an irreplaceable wish: coach a national team. One of his dreams is to coach a country’s team in a eurocup, world… o America Cup, even. After City, it would be the next step.

8. He who is an idol for many, has three idols above all: Athletes Michael Jordan y Tiger Woods and the actress Julia Roberts, of which he is a great admirer. Months ago, Pep was disappointed when the American actress visited the facilities of the United and not those of City.

On the roof of his house, Pep has a private museum

9. On the roof of his house Pedralbes It has a private museum, with all the titles he has achieved as a footballer and as a coach. Is strictly private. Very few people have been able to see it. If Pep were to cheer up, the place might one day become a ‘Guardiola Museum’.

10. One of his most passionate fans is Uli Hoeness. The former president of Bayernthe team that Guardiola coached, only saves -according to him- three football memories: two shirts from his time as a youth soccer player… and a photograph dedicated by Pep. Every three months, Hoeness sends you 10 kilos of sausages “So that I have something decent to eat in England.” Guardiola leaves no one indifferent.

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