French Open – Mischa Zverev exclusively on the situation of Alexander Zverev: question about the turnaround is not decisive

Again the French Open, again the Court Philippe-Chatrier, another big match – exactly 365 days after his bad injury in the semifinals against Rafael Nadal, Alexander Zverev serves on the Center Court of Roland-Garros.
This time the opponent is Frances Tiafoe (Saturday from 8:15 p.m. in the ticker) and Zverev sees it as an advantage that he was able to compete in round two on the chatrier. “Sometimes you have to go back to the place where it happened to complete it,” explained Zverev im Eurosport-Interview.
If you use the great performance against Alex Molcan as a benchmark, there is only one conclusion: Zverev has finished with what happened back then.

French Open

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So has the turning point finally been achieved after the numerous setbacks and failures since the comeback?

Mischa Zverev: “Sascha has to get average”

The focus is not on the question “whether that was the turning point or an aha moment,” says brother Mischa Zverev in conversation with Eurosport editor Tom Müller ab.

2nd round: Zverev shifts up two gears against Molcan – highlights

There are “better days and worse days” and very few tennis players are able to play “excellent” every day and “get their best tennis”. For his younger brother, it is currently about “getting the average up” to the level before the injury. “Sascha used to play almost every match excellently, with a few exceptions. He’ll be back there soon,” believes Mischa Zverev.

The permanent questions about the current condition are hidden in the team as best as possible. “All this attention to how he’s playing again or whether he’s getting better – I’m trying to take that away from him,” explains Mischa Zverev. Instead, it is important to always know “what you have to work on and where you want to get to”.

Team Zverev: Grand Slam title remains the goal

Alexander Zverev also emphasized in Roland-Garros that he still had the goal of winning a Grand Slam tournament. The competition may have become stronger with highly talented youngsters such as Carlos Alcaraz or Holger Rune, but the necessary class is still there, says the brother. “If Sascha plays well, he can win against anyone, on all surfaces.”

Zverev: “I’m a huge Daniel Altmaier fan until…”

The 26-year-old is often in control himself, regardless of the opponent on the other side of the net. “If things don’t go well, it’s often because of Sascha and his game and not because the opponent completely destroys his rhythm. He usually has the rudder in his hand and determines whether the game goes his way or the other. He simply has the shots, moves at almost two meters like a 1.90 meter tall player. Means: Sascha moves well, has good stamina, a good pace,” analyzes Mischa Zverev, who has played his brother for years in different Roles supervised.

Mischa on Alexander Zverev: “One of the fastest backhands”

Alex Zverev has “one of the fastest backhands on the tour – he can play it cross and longline as a winner. The forehand with a lot of topspin cross is a very good preparatory stroke that can be very aggressive, so that he can also beat winners with it.” , adds the former number 25 in the world rankings. “Long story short, it’s mostly up to him.”

If Zverev implements this knowledge profitably, then despite weak preliminary work, things can go extremely far at these French Opens…

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French Open

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French Open

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