Fournier and Wembanyama reunited? The crazy rumor circulating!

Unlike Victor Wembanyana, who is destined to become the savior of Spurs, Evan Fournier’s future in the NBA is more in jeopardy. After a season spent on the bench in New York, the back is still waiting for a way out. The good news is that he could be saved by his teammate at the Blues!

Victor Wembanyama’s near future is already mapped out… After the Betclic Elite finals, which he obviously hopes will be victorious against the ogre Monaco, the young pivot of the Metropolitans will fly to the United States to prepare for the Draft. He can also go directly to San Antonio to train with his future teammates, since he knows that he will be selected with the No. 1 choice.

In fact, Spurs leaders must already think about the best ways to facilitate his progress, both in terms of infrastructure and the construction of the workforce. Gregg Popovich may be a coaching genius, but it will probably be necessary to recruit intelligently to allow the young Frenchman to quickly fulfill his collective and personal objectives.

Evan Fournier courted by the Spurs?!

On this subject, a name is starting to circulate in the corridors, and it would be very good news for French basketball as the Paris 2024 Olympic Games approach. As an anonymous executive explained to the site, Evan Fournier would be in the small papers to occupy a role of mentor in Texas. And obviously, the price to pay would not be immense:

I heard that the Spurs had shown some interest in setting up a trade with the Knicks, in order to have Evan Fournier in a role of mentor for Victor Wembanyama. They would send almost nothing to New York, but they would absorb his contract directly, which would allow the Knicks to have a little more breathing room for the summer.

Undesirable in New York, Evan Fournier is desperately looking for a way out to breathe new life into his career. If his contract could be a brake for teams aiming for the title, San Antonio has plenty of room to absorb it and the leaders would be ready to do so. The goal is simple, he would be Victor Wembanyama’s sports mentor for his first seasons.

An idea that is far from crazy, since the two could well develop chemistry at the next World Cup, where the Blues will have enormous ambition. And then, Fournier still has some in the tank, and his sober style could particularly appeal to Gregg Popovich, a great follower of the European style. On paper, this case is 100% positive!

Evan Fournier at Spurs? In any case, this is the rumor swayed by an executive in recent days. On paper, the idea is in any case attractive, since he could play, while having a role in the development of Victor Wembanyama.

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