FORMULA 1 | Sainz acknowledges that “frustration at home is worse”

FORMULA 1 |  Sainz acknowledges that “frustration at home is worse”

Carlos Sainz and Ferrari worked very hard to shine in the Spanish Grand Prixbut at the moment of truth the driver from Madrid and his team have realized face to face “with the reality we have”. After a great lap in qualifying on Saturday, which left him second on the grid, Sainz had “no chance to defend the podium” and ended up sunk. “It’s frustrating and at home it’s worse,” he said, head down.

“At least we leave with the feeling of having given everything, that I haven’t left anything behind,” said Sainz, who is sixth in the World Cup, with 58 points, 112 less than leaderthe Dutchman Max Verstappen (Red Bull).

“Unfortunately, it is what it is. There isn’t much else. This result perhaps highlights yesterday’s lap; when you see where we were in the race…”, he highlighted. “I spent the whole race managing the tires, like stepping on eggs, because we know that the car is very hard on them. And on this high-wear circuit, he just couldn’t push. We know that it is the weakness of our car and this circuit is the hardest for that, so we were managing all the time, trying to reach the target laps and we still had to stop before in some stints”, he summarized.

Regarding the improvements that Ferrari has introduced to the SF-23 this weekend, Carlos has acknowledged that “it is early to assess it. It is difficult. I know that the factory put in a tremendous effort to bring them here. And we brought them in on our weakest track because of the characteristics that it has, so we probably haven’t gotten to see the best of them yet. I think with the rebound and the weakness that we have in the high-speed corners, we were never going to be very competitive here. So it’s too early to tell, but I think everyone put in a tremendous effort to bring the updates here and I appreciate it. Now we have to continue working at the factory, we are going to keep pushing and improving,” he concluded.

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