Former River Forward Federico Girotti Faces Racism Complaint at Talleres de Córdoba


The former River forward added minutes again at Talleres de Córdoba and ended the game with a scandal.

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Federico Girotti was in the news at Talleres de Córdoba but not precisely because of his return to the courts (he entered last night against Lanús after 17 months without adding minutes at a professional level due to injury) but because of a complaint of racism by a footballer from Lanús. El Garnet turned it around to the Cordoba team, offered a huge hand to River and the end of the game ended heated as a result of an episode of racist insults by the former striker of the Millionaire.

Philip Aguilar, a native of Colombia, was the player who raised his voice. The match was about to come to an end when the broadcast cameras caught the Colombian defender totally upset in the middle of the field. Had to be contained by the referee Fernando Rapalliniwho spoke to him for a long time in his ear, so that he wouldn’t go too far.

Hours later, Aguilar made a strong complaint on social networks, although without naming anyone: “I strongly repudiate the racist attacks against me tonight in the match against Talleres de Córdoba in the Argentine league. I am not nor do I deserve comments of this nature ‘black Colombian shit’”.

After a while, it was Frederick Girotti who accepted his mistake and also downloaded through his Instagram account: “I’m here to apologize for the event that happened before Lanús. I take responsibility for what I said, understanding that it was a back and forth of words, believing that it was going to end up as part of the party“He began in his statement.

I have to make a mistake and understand that everything evolves and changes. Something that until not so long ago was taken as commonplace, chicaneos on the field, today it is no longer taken that way. I want to emphasize that it was not intentional to ‘be racist’ since I have great friends of different nationalities“He added regretfully.

Finally, he also called for reflection on the part of Aguilar: “It would be good for both parties to take charge of what happens on the field. If there is talk, talk about both parties, but rather stay on the pitch and make it another circumstance of the game. I take care of my part, I hope that everyone takes care of theirs“, hill.

Federico Girotti’s statement regarding what happened in Talleres – Lanús

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