Fans already put Stefon Diggs to play for the Dallas Cowboys with his brother Trevon. Is it likely?

Un post deleted from Twitter of Trevon Diggs “stirred up” the fans of the Bills -and of the Cowboys– respect to Stefon Diggs. During the weekend, the cornerback of Dallas used your account Twitter to express their support for the Starsthe city hockey team, and when asked when Stefon would come to DallasHe replied “soon”.

The answer is currently already deleted, posted on Redditdid not specify if Trevon he meant that his brother will visit him soon, or maybe he’s just coming for a trip, or something else. However, the message has created many theories among the followers of both teams.

The fact that Stefon Diggs has not yet been submitted to the OTAs of Buffaloand the scene he provided during the loss of the divisional round of the Bills contra Cincinnati Bengals in the last playoffs, in which he seemed furious with the quarterback Josh Allenhave made some people think after their tweet was removed from Trevon that the wideout might be thinking about not coming back to the team.

But for those who share that theory, it’s important to mention one momentous fact about his contract. Stefon Diggs signed for four years and $96 million with Buffalo in 2022, so that franchise change theory seems highly unlikely.

The absence of Stefon of the OTA of the Bills has not concerned the members of Buffalo. In fact, with the quarterback Josh Allen commanding the offensive, the return of Damar Hamlin and with By Miller Back from injury, they seem to have the perfect balance of leadership, motivation and experience to kick off next season on the volunteer team. practices

Cowboys y Bills they will meet during week 15 on December 17. This game will mark the first time the brothers Diggs will meet in the NFL.

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