Eve Wembanyama Steals the Spotlight at NBA Draft

She stole the show from him!

As expected, French basketball prodigy Victor Wembanyama (19) was selected in first place by the San Antonio Spurs on Friday night in the NBA draft at the Barclays Center in New York. Experts see the 2.24 m tall giant as the greatest young talent since superstar LeBron James (38) conquered the NBA 20 years ago.

Basketball Talent Drafted! “Alien” Wembanyama goes to…

Source: PressBox 06/23/2023

But when Wembanyama and his family, including brother Oscar (16) and sister Eve (21), were introduced to ESPN after their selection, it was only a short time before Eve was more interesting to viewers than her celebrity brother.

NBA draft: Victor Wmbanyama’s sister drives basketball fans crazy

She quickly attracted attention and was admired by many fans for her looks. Taking to Twitter, one user wrote: “Victor Wembanyama’s sister is the real first-round pick.”

Another asked, “Can we see more of Victor Wembanyama’s sister, please?”

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Eve is a basketball player herself and plays for Monaco in the second French division. She is considered one of her brother’s biggest supporters.

Wembanyama is only the 14th international player to be selected first in the draft. Wembanyama: “I’ve achieved something I’ve dreamed of all my life. When I hear this sentence from Adam Silver (NBA boss, ed.), I have to cry, I dreamed about it so much.”

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Before the draft, in which the worst NBA teams of the past season can select the best young talent, Eve was on a tour of New York. On Instagram, she let her around 19,000 followers participate.

Otherwise, Eve often shares photos from her own games or snapshots of her everyday outfits.

In the future, she’ll likely post photos from San Antonio, where her brother is preparing for his NBA debut. Eve’s followers should explode after her draft appearance and look forward to more photos of her …

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