Estrada Fernández accuses the RFEF of taking him out of the VOR room and sending him to a van during Getafe-Elche

El braid Xavier Estrada Fernandez has sent a statement through his law office to complain that, during the Getafe – Elche they didn’t let him go the rozas and he had to do it in a van

Estrada Fernández’s lawyer, Jorge Culleré, who is the one who signs the statement, recalls that on March 31 the arbitrator filed a claim for labor rights against the RFEF and that the conciliation was held in Madrid on May 17 without agreement.

About the ‘Vinicius case’

The referee’s defense considers that what happened with the Real Madrid player Vinícius Jr, in which the racist attack on this player was denounced, is being used to “link before the public opinion an alleged arbitration negligence in the face of racist attacks with the non-appointment of Estrada Fernández and the rest of the complaining Arbitrators”.

Therefore, it considers that the REFEF is using the controversy generated in that case to present Estrada Fernández and the other six claimant arbitrators as “scapegoats” before public opinion and all of them have been separated from their jobs in “retaliation for the lawsuits filed” before the RFEF for “the legitimate exercise of their labor rights”.

“Therefore, we are faced with an inadmissible and tortuous attack against the honor and professional prestige of Xavier Estrada Fernández, having been involved in the public controversy generated by a case described as racism with national and international projection,” concludes the statement.

We reproduce below the entire press release issued to the media by the referee:

Mr. XAVIER ESTRADA FERNÁNDEZ reports on the following points:

1.- The RFEF has misrepresented public opinion by linking the separation of the VAR of Mr. XAVIER ESTRADA FERNÁNDEZ and 6 other Referees, with the VINICIUS JR. case, omitting the reality of the events that occurred.

2.- Indeed, the reality is that on March 31, 2023, Mr. XAVIER ESTRADA FERNÁNDEZ filed a Labor Rights Claim Lawsuit against the RFEF.

3.- The Conciliation Act was held on Wednesday, May 17, 2023, before the Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Area (SMAC) of the Community of Madrid, without compromise.

4.- Three days after the Conciliation Act was held, on May 20, 2023 Mr. XAVIER ESTRADA FERNÁNDEZ was appointed as VAR referee in the GETAFE-ELCHE match, corresponding to Matchday 36 of the First Division, which was played at 6:30 p.m. in Getafe.

5.- As is well known, VAR Referees perform their duties in what is known as the “VOR room” located in the Ciudad del Fútbol in Las Rozas.

6.- Well, on that day, in an absolutely surprising manner and without ever having occurred before in the Ciudad del Futbol facilities in Las Rozas, the RFEF assigned Mr. XAVIER ESTRADA FERNÁNDEZ a van located in the Ciudad del Futbol parking lot in Las Rozas, from where he should carry out his duties as a VAR referee.

We accompany 3 photographs of the aforementioned van.

7.- The RFEF’s decision was taken in response to the claim made by Mr. XAVIER ESTRADA FERNÁNDEZ and involved carrying out his task apart from the rest of his colleagues, in a van located in the RFEF parking lot, in retaliation for the filing of the claim made and with the intention of humiliating Mr. XAVIER ESTRADA FERNÁNDEZ in front of his colleagues.

8.- Likewise, and after the conclusion of the Conciliation Act, Mr. XAVIER ESTRADA FERNÁNDEZ has not again been appointed to arbitrate any of the matches corresponding to Matchday 37 of the First Division (and which coincided with the matches immediately following the Conciliation Act) nor neither for Matchday 38 of the League.

9.- Mr. XAVIER ESTRADA FERNÁNDEZ has not been the only VAR Referee who has not been appointed, but, along with him, the other 6 Referees who have also initiated the claim for their labor rights have not been appointed.

10.- In short, the RFEF has eliminated from the designation of days 37 and 38 of the League all the Referees who have initiated the claim for their labor rights.

11.- It is worth noting that, never before, a similar action had been carried out, since Mr. XAVIER ESTRADA FERNÁNDEZ had been designated in all the days of the League, pretending with this action an evident personal wear and a deterioration of the professional image of Don XAVIER ESTRADA FERNANDEZ.

12.- The causal relationship between the exercise of his rights by Mr. XAVIER ESTRADA FERNÁNDEZ and the sanctioning conduct of the RFEF is clear and evident, as evidenced by the fact of dispensing, in the last and decisive matches of the League, of specialist Referees in Video Arbitration such as Video Assistant Referees (VAR) with specific training, appointing other Referees with less experience and after a long period without acting as VAR, without offering any justification that supports the RFEF’s decision beyond the retaliation itself .

13.- Furthermore, prior to the events described, the Referees had already been publicly warned (specifically at the press conference that took place on March 2, 2023, at the RFEF headquarters, by Mr. LUIS MEDINA CANTALEJO, President of the CTA of the RFEF and Mr. ANDREU CAMPS POVILL, current Secretary General of the RFEF, in relation to the NEGREIRA CASE) of the consequences of acting against the RFEF after the filing of a criminal complaint for the NEGREIRA CASE by Mr. XAVIER FERNANDEZ ROAD.

14.- Furthermore, it should be noted that what happened with the Real Madrid player, VINICIUS JR, is being used, in which the racist attack on him was denounced in the match played between Real Madrid CF and Valencia CF on May 21 of 2023 in Mestalla, and that has put the focus on the management of the RFEF itself and the Technical Committee of Referees, and that as a consequence of which Mr. Ignacio Iglesias Villanueva was suddenly dismissed, to link before public opinion an alleged negligence arbitration before the racist attacks with the non-appointment of Mr. XAVIER ESTRADA FERNÁNDEZ and the rest of the claimant Referees.

15.- The RFEF is using the controversy generated in said meeting to present Mr. XAVIER ESTRADA FERNÁNDEZ and the other six complaining Referees as scapegoats before public opinion.

16.- Nothing could be further from the truth, Mr. XAVIER ESTRADA FERNÁNDEZ and the other six complaining Referees have been separated from their occupations in retaliation for the lawsuits filed against the RFEF, in the legitimate exercise of their labor rights.

17.- Therefore, we find ourselves before an inadmissible and tortious attack against the honor and professional prestige of Mr. XAVIER ESTRADA FERNÁNDEZ, having been involved in the public controversy generated by a qualified case of racism with national and international projection.


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