Dmitrovic clarifies: “Mourinho apologized, I didn’t threaten anyone”

The controversy still does not subside despite the fact that almost a week has passed since the final of Budapest from Seville e Roma. This time the second red and white goalkeeper Marko ended up in the spotlight Dmitrovicwhich he had discussed with José during the game Mourinho going so far as to threaten him: “You don’t know me, but be careful: today you could know me”. Just the same Dmitrovicin a statement released on his Instagram Storieshe explained that he didn’t threaten anyone but that, indeed, he had been Mourinho to apologize to him on behalf of one of his assistants and then clarify himself after the match. Below are the words reported by Dmitrovic on his social profile: “Referring to my alleged conversation with José Mourinho in the UEFA Europa League final against AS Roma, I wanted to clarify that the only thing that happened was that Mourinho apologized for the behavior of one of his assistants, who I thought had argued with me. There was nothing else. Anyone who knows me knows that I have never threatened anyone and that I always try to be as humble as possible inside and out from the field”. And here is his story.


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